Razer 4G Dual Sensor Gaming Mouse Models Unveiled at E3 2011

Pro gamers who seek out to be the best in any PC game should consider purchasing the all-new Razer Mamba or Razer Imperator 6400 dpi mouse! These two new mouse models boast Razer’s cutting-edge 4G Dual Sensor technology. Both the Mamba and Imperator uses an optical sensor and laser sensor!

Razer Mamba and Imperator 4G Dual Sensor Mouse Models

Razer Mamba and Razer Imperator gaming mouse models with 4G dual-sensor technology.

The Razer 4G Dual Sensor Technology is the company’s latest attempt to provide the next step of wireless gaming precision as it uses both optical and laser sensors to maximize its 6400 dpi accuracy. The Razer Mamba and Razer Imperator use 2.4GHz wireless technology so they can be used up to 16 hours straight! But just in case battery runs out, these can be wired via USB connection.

The Razer Imperator and Razer Mamba are both designed to provide maximum comfort and they have contoured thumb grips which are covered with rubber for maximum grip during intense fast-faced gaming such as those enjoyed by FPS addicts. Since these two uses dual-sensor systems, they are the best when it comes to first-person shooters who need low-sensitivity for their mouse for rapid screen mouse movements!

The new Razer 4G Dual Sensor System will let players precisely calibrate the Mamba or Imperator to any surface. This technology automatically captures the distance between the mouse and surface and the optical and laser sensors will optimize tracking for best in-game performance.

After calibrating your surface, you can also configure the Mamba or Imperator to cutoff tracking at any distance you like immediately right after you lift the mouse! This ability is a godsend for FPS pro players who need split-second reflexes and this ability to quickly lift mouse from the mouse mat means they can quickly shift view and stop action to immediately target another enemy without wasting time mouse-looking!

These two revolutionary Raze 4G Dual Sensor mice are available at Razer’s online shop. The Razer Mamba is priced at $129.99 while the Razer Imperator only costs $79.99!

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