Yosion Peel520 II Transforms iPod Touch 4 to iPhone 4

Yosion Peel520 II iPod Touch 4 Skin with built-in battery is the world’s best method to transform your cheap iPod Touch 4 into a full-pledge iPhone 4 smartphone. Instead of the official retail price of $179.99, Merimobiles.com is selling the Yosion Peel520 II for only $114.99 with free shipping.

Yosion Peel520II Features, Specs and GSM Capabilities

Upgrade your iPod Touch 4 to iPhone 4 using the Yosion Peel520 II accessory.

I have an older Yosion Peel520 which really worked on my iPod Touch 3rd Generation last year. The Chinese inventor of this wonderful device has finished an iPod Touch 4-compatible version. Merimobiles.com and Peel 250.net are the online seller I found to be selling the Yosion Peel520 II so better buy it from them. The Yosion Peel520 II is guaranteed to add iPhone 4-like call and SMS features to an iTouch 4.

The Yosion Peel520 II is thin case for the iPod Touch 4 which has an unlocked SIM slot making it compatible with any GMS 850/900/1800/1900 mobile operator. Aside from giving voice call and SMS functions to the iPod Touch 4, the Peel520 also provides your Apple device a power boost since it comes with a 1200mAh rechargeable battery. Not only that, this device will also provide Bluetooth and GPRS access.

Furthermore, the Peel520 has built-in speaker and microphone which is better than the default hardware installed on the iPod Touch 4. It’s also another plus that Yosion gave this Peel520 II a built-in FM tuner something that the original iPod Touch never have. This is definitely one of the best gadget peripherals ever made.

The new Yosion Peel520 II also comes with the latest firmware software version 1.4.7 which fixes a few bugs and allows users to create custom ringtones. The new phone interface also better mimics Apple’s iOS 4.3.2 phone calling UI.

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