Acoustic Research ARS20i: Affordable Speaker Dock for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Amazon is offering an excellent but very wallet-friendly dock for the iPhone or iPad. It’s from a trusted manufacturer too. The Acoustic Research ARS20i Speaker Dock is being offered by Amazon for only $77.74 with FREE shipping.

Acoustic Research ARS20i Price, Specs, and Features

Acoustic Research's ARS20i is a cheap docking station for iPhone, iPad or iPod. It's main unique feature is that it uses app-enhanced speakers.

Specs-wise, the ARS20i is a portable audio system for your Apple iOS gadgets. Acoustic Research is proclaiming this product as the perfect Docking Station for iPad or iPhone because it is uniquely app-enhanced. Meaning, even though it only comes with two 1.5-inch speakers, it can still generate a room-filling music volume. This product is made of perfect fusion between software and hardware courtesy of Acoustic Research’s advanced sonic technology.

The Acoustic Research ARS20i Speaker Dock also got a radiator for thumping bass sounds. Aside from playing your iPhone’s music library, this one also got a digital FM tuner so you can listen to your favorite radio shows, a feature lacking in the Eton Soulra XL Solar-Powered Mobile Speaker System. It also functions as an alarm clock and the ARS20i can recharge your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Furthermore, this dock is big enough to allow docking of the iPad in either portrait or landscape mode.

Put Acoustic Research ARS20i Docking Speaker in your bedroom and wake up to your iPhone’s library of songs. Yes, this device can be programmed to wake you up with your favorite song instead of the usual ringing tone used by regular alarm clocks. If you are too lazy to get up from bed, just use the included free remote to shut down the ARS20i!

While this device was designed for Apple products with its 30-pin connector, Acoustic Research has wisely included a 3.5mm audio jack so you can actually use this product with other smartphones, media players or MP3 players.

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