Genius Ring Mouse: Revolutionary Bluetooth Mouse Arrives in the U.S.

Genius, a leader in computer accessories, proudly announces the availability of their award-winning Ring Mouse in the United States. The Genius Ring Mouse is praised for its revolutionary technology. Computer users appreciate it for its portability and ingenuity. It’s a replacement for the regular wireless mouse but it is worn on the index finger!

Genius Ring Mouse Specs and Price

Ready to experience a new way of computing? Try using the Genius Ring Mouse with Bluetooth wireless technology!

The Genius Ring Mouse uses 2.4GHz wireless technology like the Genius Navigator 905 Vogue Wireless Mouse. Attach the tiny Pico Receiver on a computer’s USB port and then install the necessary software drivers. Once installed, the Ring Mouse can be used like any regular mouse but all mouse actions are done via thumb! It’s a new wireless freedom because this device can receive signal up to 10 meters away!

As for performance, the Genius Ring Mouse offers 1000 dpi accuracy. Genius also emphasize that their wireless technology for this pointing device uses anti-interference protection. This will not be hampered by other nearby 2.4GHz frequency device or other Bluetooth devices! There’s also a free bundled portable USB battery charger and a hard-shell case for the Bluetooth Ring Mouse.

Genius Ring Mouse will have a U.S. price tag of $69.99, which is even more expensive than the upcoming HP WiFi Mobile Mouse, the world’s first Wi-Fi Mouse. They are giving away a free ioMedia software package with the purchase of this product. This ioMedia package is consisting of several multimedia applications designed to work for Windows PC only.

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