Club 3D Radeon HD 6750 CoolStream Graphics Card Specs, Release Date Details

Serious gamers should be delighted to know that Club 3D is coming out with the world’s fastest graphics card for their gaming delight. The Club 3D Radeon HD 6750 CoolStream edition will come equipped with 720 Stream Processors and will feature AMD’s HD3D technology for stereoscopic high-definition 3D gaming!

New Club 3D Radeon HD-6750 Graphics Card Specs and Review

This massive looking graphics card will take 2 PCIe slots. It is the world's fastest desktop GPU!

The Club 3D Radeon HD 6750 is PCIexpress 2.1 compatible and supports 128-bit memory interface. It’s GPU clock is set at 700MHz and it’s gonna be amazing because it will use 1GB of GDDR5 VRAM that will run at 4600 MHz! This card is DirectX-11 compliant and also supports CrossFireX. Furthermore, this video card has AMD App Accelerator built-in for smoother 1080p HD movie playback. It will also be great for video games.

Being DirectX-11 compatible, this graphics card will give you the latest and best-looking game renders. Experience high-fidelity gaming and be amazed by the beauty of DirectX-11 new features like Compute Shaders, MultiThreaded Rendering, Tesselation and more! This visual upgrade should also render websites and documents with fast-loading and crystal-clear resolutions. This should really maximize the new Firefox 4 and Chrome 6’s hardware acceleration feature.

The Club 3D HD 6750 also supports AMD’s Eyefinity Multi-Display Output technology. Expand your gaming or business workspace into panoramic environment across multiple monitors. Graphic artists and video professionals will certainly appreciate this automatic multiple display rendering. This graphic card comes with dual DVI output, 1 new DisplayPort and 1 HDMI 1.4a output.

Having support for CrossFireX Multi-GPU technology, this card is also seamlessly capable of working with another Club 3D HD 6750 in one computer. Double the video memory, double the fun! If you can afford to, buy two of these graphic cards and experience out-of-this world graphics cloud nine!

The CoolStream tag of this card signifies that it has passive cooling technology pioneered by Club 3D. It comes with very effective heatpipes that will keep the GPU parts cool all throughout the day. It also comes with a unique fan blade configuration, letting it increase airflow while minimizing noise.

Expect the Club 3D HD 6750 CoolStream graphics card release date by mid-May. Final retail price is not yet announced but expect this to run you a few hundred dollars. Beautiful graphics never come cheap!

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