Minebea Cool Leaf Touchscreen Keyboard Release Date and Price

From being just a plain art concept, the Cool Leaf Keyboard is finally being launched as a commercial product in Japan. As per the manufacturer, Minebea, this first touch-based USB keyboard will hit Japanese retail stores on May 13. The Cool Leaf Keyboard will sell for 26,000 yen or around $319! OMG, this first-of-its-kind keyboard is really expensive that only rich Japanese will be able to afford it!

Minabea Cool Leaf Keyboard Price and Release Date

With a price tag that will buy a decent Android tablet already, the Cool Leaf Touch Keyboard is sure expensive!

Minebea Cool Leaf Keyboard‘s high price tag can be a big turn-off but I must admit I’m impressed. Many might prefer the cheaper Bamboo Keyboard by Jiangqiao. Cool Leaf is the first keyboard to come without any real physical keys or buttons. Tablet computer users will certainly be at home when using it. It will just be like typing on the iPad or the Android tablet, the keys are all virtual!

Minebea created this USB keyboard on a capacitive surface. In fact, when turned off, the Cool Leaf actually can even function as a mirror to check your make-up or lipstick! Typing on this device will benefit those who hate the clicking sound of physical keyboards. It’s pretty expensive but the Cool Leaf should be a must-buy for wealthy geeks who would covet it for its uniqueness.

The Minebea Cool Leaf Touchscreen Keyboard release date is on May 13, 2011. It has a Windows-only 108-key Japanese language lay-out but Minebea says they are planning to launch an English, French, German and Italian version of it by July 2011. The company also says they are also working on a Mac-compatible version of the Cool Leaf.


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  1. Henry says:

    What is the price for Minebea Cool Leaf (QWERTY) keyboard?