35mm Film-Disguised USB Flash Drive On Sale

Wow, some brilliant geek decided to take advantage of old-timers who still eulogizes the golden age of traditional film photography. A seller at Etsy is selling 35mm Film USB flash drives in 4GB and 2GB capacity. He’s really trying to make a fast buck from people who are nostalgia-sick. Check out his Etsy shop, http://www.etsy.com/listing/72471420/choice-of-35mm-film-4gb-usb-flash-drive.

35mm Film USB Price and Features

If you like disguised your storage media devices, then buy this limited edition 35mm Film USB Flash stick!

He is selling his crafted invention for $23.99 for the 4GB version and $18.99 for the 2GB model. I know he priced them very much higher than regular USB drives. I bought an 8GB thumb drive for only 600 pesos or around $14! But consider this pricey 35mm Film USB Flash Drive as a work of art.

The creator of this novel drive transformed used 35mm film into new casings for cheap flash drives and I bet he is selling tons of them now on Etsy. He even states on his shop that Kodak Ektar 100 drive is out of stock already. Too bad he only ships to the United States. I would love to buy 3 or more these old-meets-new concept USB or flash drive. I plan to gift them to my two uncles who are professional photographers.

Better hurry and buy one of these 35mm Film USB Flash Drives before they run out. I know the seller doesn’t have an endless supply of recycled 35mm film canisters. Sooner or later he will run out of them so this novelty handcrafted limited edition USB drive will soon become a collector’s item only and will probably sell for 10x their original price 10 years from now. Buy one now!

Other than the 35mm Film USB Drives, new Victorinox Slim Flash Drives in Swiss Knife Casing were also announced earlier this year.

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