iPad Smart Cover with Built-in Powerful Magnets Price and Features

The Apple iPad Smart Cover was created for the new iPad 2 Tablet PC. According to Apple, the Smart Cover and iPad 2 were literally made for each other. In the iPad 2 features and technical specs did not emphasize the presence of magnets in the iPad 2 but there are actually magnets built right into its frame.

iPad 2 Smart Cover Price, Features and Available Colors

There are 10 color choices for the magnetic iPad Smart Cover - 5 polyurethane and 5 leather covers.

How does the Smart Cover and iPad 2 works together? Watch the video below wherein Apple iPad Smart Cover’s magnets and iPad 2 magnets stick together.

Apple iPad Smart Cover uses smart magnetic technology. It is easily attaches on the iPad 2 securely. It only covers the top though so you might also consider customizing a Skinit iPad Skin to protect the body. It has a microfiber inner lining that gently cleans the iPad 2 screen. Other than protection, the iPad Smart Cover also got other functions.

The iPad Smart Cover magically wakes up the iPad 2 when opened and automatically turns it to sleep when closed. It can also be folded and act as a keyboard stand or movie stand.

Apple’s iPad Smart Cover is available in Polyurethane and Leather with different colors. There are 5 colors for Polyurethane covers – Gray, Blue, Green, Orange and Pink. The Leather covers are also available in 5 other colors – Tan, Black, Navy, Cream and Red.

The Leather iPad Smart Covers are priced at $69.00 each while the Polyurethane ones are cheaper at $39.00 each. This item was released simultaneously with iPad 2. International retail availability will depend on iPad 2 Global release date.

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