Hands-On Review of Wacom Bamboo Pen CTL460 Graphics Pen Tablet

This nifty graphics pen tablet, Wacom Bamboo Pen CTL460, has had good reviews in the past among users. I myself, as one of the proud owners, have a good review of this product. First off, I’d like to offer you our previous article about its features and technical specifications. Please head on to that article to see for yourself what this device is capable of. Also, let’s get into a little history of the product and its manufacturers.

The Writer with the Wacom Bamboo Pen CTL460 Graphics Pen Tablet Device

Wacom Inc. is the leader in computer graphics tablet technology and they are now trying to mass-market their products to the public. Just a few years ago, only graphic artists and designers will consider buying graphic tablets for their digital editing and production. The previous cheapest Wacom Intous/Graphite models were priced more than $150. But now Wacom, in a bid to entice the general computing public, made a new product line branded as Bamboo (the CTL460 model’s price is under $70 and whose photo with the author of this article is shown above ).

Their consumer-friendly Bamboo Pen CTL460 is proving to be a blockbuster hit among consumers especially in the US! This graphic tablet is not only compatible with Adobe Photoshop or other graphic software programs; it now offers a lot more use and benefits to common folks. The Wacom CTL460 Bamboo Pen will retire your boring computer mouse. This tablet pen will become your computer’s best friend especially if you work a lot with documents.

It does the function of a mouse and lets you paint, draw, and personalize your Word, OpenOffice or PDF documents with handwritten notes and sketches. This product is compatible on all Windows or Mac computers that have USB ports. It also works on some Linux distros like Ubuntu and Fedora.

Using this Bamboo CTL460 brings back the old pleasures of using real paper and pen again back when there were no computers in the old days. It feels so intuitive. You use it like a normal pen to highlight or emphasize topics on a document. Improve your written communication by handwriting notes, memos and illustrative sketches on your work documents. Impress your boss, co-workers and customers with very visual documents!

Anyone who spends a lot of time infront of a computer should buy Wacom CTL460 Bamboo Pen. Wacom made this graphic tablet super eyecandy. The pen was designed very ergonomically and fits comfortably regardless of hand size. The work area is greatly improved by Wacom, they made it textured for more natural writing/drawing feel when you use the wireless pen. The tablet itself is sexy black and surely looks modern enough to put beside your most expensive laptop or desktop!

I got my Wacom  Bamboo CTL460  as a Christmas present last December 24, 2009 from my boss. I now use it exclusively for all my computer work.  I am a graphic artist and I use Adobe Photoshop and Premiere everyday but I also use Wacom CTL460 as my new primary computer mouse-pointer. I use it to browse my desktop, network and internet and write documents. It thrills me to be able to handwrite a digital signature for all documents I prepare. I even use my  Wacom Bamboo when I play my favorite 3D games and MMORPG like Aion, Warhammer Online and World of Warcraft!

by: Almario Alcaraz, Jr. via email

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  1. Ravishankar says:

    Does the bamboo pen has an eraser function? thanks

  2. Jason J says:

    You mentioned that the bamboo pen can personalize pdf documents. Do you need additional software to do this? Is there a plugin somewhere that doesn’t cost $70 like autoink?? I haven’t been able to figure out how to make write comments directly on a pdf document.