Misa Digital Guitar: High-Tech Guitar Inventor Now Accepts Pre-Orders

The invention of Misa Digital Guitar was inspired by the popularity of the video game Guitar Hero 5. Misa Digital Guitar is a revolutionary guitar prototype by an Australian engineer. This is not a toy guitar meant to be played with Guitar Hero but a real musical instrument which the inventor is intending to market to professional musicians and hobbyists. The creator claims that his high-tech guitar is not meant to replace the traditional guitar but is rather the next step in the evolution. Guitars have evolved from hollow acoustic wood and steel/nylon strings into full bodied electric guitars in the 1950s. It is now the 21st century and technology is becoming more and more science fiction.

Misa Digital Guitar Sample Image

Sample Photo of Misa Digital Guitar, World's First

The Misa Digital Guitar retains the traditional form of the ordinary electric guitar. The pictures below should look familiar. Noticeably absent are the strings that are responsible for generating the sound of a guitar. Instead, the inventor replaced the strings with touch screen technology. The Misa Digital Guitar’s neck has 24 frets with tiny strips that are touch sensitive and the guitar body has a large touch pad. You still use both hands to make music with it. Typically, you use your left hand to press and create chords on the fret board while your right hand does the plucking and strumming but since there are no strings, your right hand serves as the MIDI control device on the Misa digital guitar. This may seem confusing but please watch this video demo so you will easily understand. Notice that his left hand is still pressing the fret board creating perfect chord formations and melodic lines.

The computer inside the Misa digital guitar is running on Linux 2.5.31 kernel. The inventor has refused to divulge specific hardware and software specs but since it is digital and has USB and MIDI interface, expect this guitar to create an infinite palette of sounds. The MIDI compatibility means there is a strong possibility that it will faultlessly integrate with popular digital audio workstations such as Apple Logic, Pro Tools and Adobe Audition.

While its patent is still pending, you may now pre-order it at misadigital.com. This company is based in Sydney, Australia but will ship to any buyer around the world. You may contact the inventor himself, michael@misadigital.com for inquiries.

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  1. Matt says:

    Hello there here’s a cold hello from the Land of ice, Sweden!! Im a guitarist and just for fun i would really like to have one of these gadget guitars!! do you have any retailers and whats the price tag on them!! id prefer a white ahead of the black!! Also, i wonder can i connect the Misa guitar directly to my amp through my floorboard? Matt

  2. Patrick george says:

    Hi. i was wondering if you could give me the price for a pre-order for a Misa digital guitar please. Thanks.

    • Denis O'Sullivan says:

      Please give me the price for a pre-order for a Misa digital guitar. Thanks.