MSI Windtop AE2210 All-in-One Computer Features Sandy Bridge Core i5 Processor

MSI unveiled their latest and most powerful all-in-one computer during the first day of CES 2011 in Las Vegas. The new MSI Windtop AE2210 comes equipped with Intel’s Sandy Bridge processor chip design. This one’s got an impressive 2.7 Intel Core i5 2500 CPU that has a good chance to outperform most of its midtower desktop counterparts.

MSI Windtop AE2210 PC Price, Specs, Features

Looks like 2011 is finally the year we see game-worthy All-in-One computers like the upcoming MSI AE2210.

The MSI Windtop AE2210 will only cost $799 when it ships this first quarter. The cheap price and the space-saving design make it a good alternative to replace your bulky PC. It’s got a 21-inch capacitive multi-touch monitor in a 16:9 ratio configuration.

Plus it has a DirectX 11-compatible embedded graphics accelerator that not only plays full 1080p HD videos but will also be fast enough to play the latest PC games! There are also two USB 3.0 ports that will support up to 5 Gbps data transfer speed and HDMI input.

Tradition has shown that most all-in-one computers have failed to match the performance speed of mainstream midtower desktops. MSI executives however are confident their new AE2210 will break new benchmark tests. If this machine really lives up to its hype, then it may usher in the demise of midtower computers.

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