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The HP Z400 Workstation Desktop PC series of models are among Hewlett Packard’s Z-Class of Workstation desktop computers. These Z400 HP Workstation desktops have more advanced features compared to the HP XW9400 Workstation Desktop Computer Series. HP Z400 Workstation desktop computers models usually have Intel Xeon Dual-Core or Quad-Core processors but can be replaced by Hexa-Core processors.

Photo of HP Z400 Workstation Series of Desktop PC

HP Z400 Workstation Desktop Computer

At present, there are eight models of the HP Z400 Workstation Desktop Computer. These Z400 models of HP Workstation desktops are listed below with their prices. As a general law in the technology industry, the ones with better technical specifications come at a higher price.

HP Z400 Workstation Models and Price List:

  • HP Z400 Workstation FL966UT: $925.00
  • HP Z400 Workstation FL982UT: $1,369.00
  • HP Z400 Workstation FL967UT: $1,300.00
  • HP Z400 Workstation FL983UT: $1,899.00
  • HP Z400 Workstation FL984UT: $1,989.00
  • HP Z400 Workstation FL968UT: $2,199.00
  • HP Z400 Workstation FL969UT: $2,759.00
  • HP Z400 Workstation FL985UT: $2,899.00

HP Z400 Workstation desktop computers have standard memory of 3-6 GB. They also come with Genuine Windows XP Professional or Windows 7 Professional operating systems. The technical specifications of each HP Z400 Workstation desktop PC are available at Hewlett Packard’s web pages for Workstation Z400. So far, most user reviews came out positive especially from graphic artists, photo editors and video game developers. According to HP Z400 Workstation reviews, it has proven to be a powerful and great mini-tower with processors identical to Apple Macbook Pro with 2.66 GHz processor speed (Intel Xeon Quad-Core Processor W3520).

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