HP Pavilion P6-2003w Dual-Core Desktop PC with AMD Llano APU Hot Deal

The HP Pavilion Dual Core Desktop PC Model No. P6-2003w is a less advanced model compared to the HP Pavilion P7 Quad-Core Desktop PC Model No. P7-1074. However, the P6-2003w is definitely cheaper than the P7-1074.

HP P6-2003w Desktop Sale Price and Features

Buy an HD monitor and speakers to complete this HP P6-2003w desktop PC as a gaming system.

Buying 1 HP Pavilion P6-2003w Desktop PC AMD E2 3200 Dual Core/4GB/1TB/6-in-1 Multimedia Card Reader/W7HP cost only $349.99 at Woot online store. It’s about the same price as the Dell Inspiron Zino HD Mini Desktop PC with lower hardware specs.

This P6-2003w desktop computer is no longer offered at HP’s official online store. The desktop PC deal mentioned above includes an HP USB keyboard, HP optical mouse, power cord, Quick Start Guide and 90-day warranty.

The HP Pavilion P6-2003w Desktop’s dual-core 2.4GHz AMD E2-3200 is one of the models under the AMD Llano Hybrid CPU/GPU Processor E2-Series (AMD Fusion APU). It’s a hybrid CPU with integrated GPU and is technically called an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) for desktop computers.

HP Pavilion Dual Core Desktop P6-2003w’s AMD E2-3200 APU already comes with Radeon HD 6370D graphics processor. It’s a GPU released in the 4th quarter of 2011 which makes this a great gaming PC.

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