HP IQ506 Touchsmart Core 2 Duo (T5850) With Touchscreen PC

In comparing the features and specifications of HP IQ504 and HP IQ506 Touchsmart Core 2 Duo PC’s, we find the HP IQ506 better in performance for having a better Core 2 Duo processor (T5850). Aside from this, these two HP Touchsmart Core 2 Duo All-in-One PC With 22″ Touchscreen models are virtually identical. With a TV tuner built-in with the HP IQ506 Core 2 Duo PC, the performance of the two are almost the same. Of course you have to pay for an extra $200 for buying the HP IQ506 as its specs are a bit pumped up.

From the HP website, we have gained info on the prices of Touchsmart models with 22″ and 25.5″ touchscreens:

22-inch HP Touchsmart with Touchscreen Models

  • HP IQ504 – $1,299
  • HP IQ506 – $1,499

25.5-inch HP Touchsmart with Touchscreen Models

  • HP IQ804 – $1,899
  • HP IQ816 – $2,099

HP IQ506 HP Touchsmart With Touchscreen PC

HP IQ506 HP Touchsmart With Touchscreen PC

HP IQ506 Touchsmart With Touchscreen PC Specifications

  • All-in-one multimedia PC with integrated 22-inch touchscreen for living room or kitchen
  • 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T5850 processor, 500 GB hard drive, 4 GB RAM (max), dual-layer DVD-R drive
  • NTSC/ATSC TV tuners, PVR capability, Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS HD graphics (up to 2047 MB total memory)
  • Tri-mode Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet, 5 USB, 1 FireWire, 1 ExpressCard, 5-in-1 memory card reader
  • Pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit version); includes wireless keyboard and optical mouse

For best deals on HP IQ506 Touchsmart With Touchscreen PC, spend some time looking for sellers offering big discounts and bundled items (softwares, paraphernalias, etc.) to get your money’s worth. If you find the price of HP IQ506 PC a bit expensive (like we do), we would like to recommend that you get the HP IQ504 if your intention in buying a new computer is for home use. Overall, our review of IQ506 Touchsmart Intel Core 2 Duo T5850 processor (2.16Ghz) with touchscreen PC is very good. But this is simply an impression of its features. The apprehension we have in getting a desktop computer like this that we travel a lot and it’s not practical to get one. A laptop or netbook, in our case, is more practical. Add to that the price. After presenting a few laptops reviews here before, laptops are generally cheaper than desktop computers these days making them more saleable and popular among computer buyers and/or users. The lifestyle of most working people and students these days require a portable gadget and so we recommend to frequent travelers a laptop instead of a desktop PC. But for home use, HP IQ506 is a good PC to have around the home.

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