Xi3 ChromiumPC Modular Computer: World’s First Desktop PC with Chrome OS

Google promised delivery of Samsung and Acer Netbook with Google Chrome OS by June 2011 and they are on track to keep this pact. Xi3, a less-known company wants to ride on Google’s big push for thin-computing with Chrome OS.

Xi3 ChromiumPC Google Chrome OS Features

The ChromiumPC by Xi3 is so small it will fit in a suit pocket. It is the world's first desktop replacement computer to run on Google Chrome OS.

Xi3 Corporation announced the release of a desktop PC version for Chrome OS. The new Xi3 ChromiumPC is the world’s first desktop PC designed to run under Google’s Chrome operating system! Xi3 holds the patent for the unique modular cube-like small form factor PC design such as the Xi3 Modular 5 Series PC mountable behind a monitor showcased last January’s CES 2011.

First seen in 2009, Xi3 Modular computers are very small and modular. The Xi3 concept proved to be popular for both Windows and Linux geeks because even though it housed and in a very tiny chassis, the Xi3 Modular PC was very easy to upgrade and reconfigure thanks to its modular design.

The Xi3 ChromiumPC is based on this computer architecture. It’s small and low-power consuming but still powerful enough to use dual-core processors. With Google Chrome OS‘ web-centric focus, the ChromiumPC promises to rival full Windows desktop PC in terms of operational speed especially when playing video streams!

The modular concept of Xi3 ChromiumPC gives it 3 modules, the Processor Module which houses the CPU and RAM sticks, the Primary I/O Module which houses USB, and other external connection ports, and the Secondary I/O Module which holds the Ethernet, VGA, Audio, LAN and other communication ports. In total, the ChromiumPC will be smaller than the Mac Mini, measuring only 4.0″x3.656″x3.656″! It will also use only around 20 watts of electricity when in full operation.

While not yet final, the Xi3 ChromiumPC might sport a 1.8GHz Intel Atom dual-core 64-bit 3400e CPU with 2GB of DDR2 RAM. Pricing and release date will be announced soon. Keep visiting kokeytechnology.com for updates about ChromiumPC availability.

Do you think Chrome OS should also be featured on desktop computers or should it stay exclusively for netbooks? For those who prefer netbooks, check out the Samsung Alex Chrome OS Netbook.

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