HP DC7600 Ultra FAST P4 3.2GHz Hyper Threading Desktop PC Hot Deal

Are you looking for a desktop computer with a very fast processor? Here is a tip to help you find what you need. An HP desktop computer with 3.2GHz processor is currently available online.

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For $100, you have this HP Mini Tower System with a super fast 3.2GHz processor.

On Pacific Geeks online store, the HP Ultra FAST P4 3.2GHz Hyper Threading with 400 GB Drive Desktop Computer Model DC7600 is currently available for $99.99 with 90-day warranty. This HP DC7600 Desktop PC is $170.00 off its regular price of $269.99. It is far cheaper than the high-end HP Pavilion Quad Core Desktop with 750GB Hard Drive and 6GB Memory Model P6531P.

In the box, customers will get with HP/Compaq dc7600 Pentium 4 640 3.20 GHz Tower System with Microsoft Windows XP w/CoA, Microsoft Windows XP Reinstallation CD and its power cord.

HP Ultra FAST P4 3.2GHz Hyper Threading Model DC7600 comes with parts number C02-COM-DC71T32. It comes with 400 GB SATA hard drive and 512 MB RAM 4GB maximum on four (4) 1GB DDR2. The main highlight of this HP Ultra FAST DC7600 Mini Tower System is its Intel Pentium 4 640 3.2 GHz processor with Hyper-Threading technology support.

For HP DC7600 Ultra FAST P4 3.2GHz Hyper Threading Desktop may be fast but the other technical specs aren’t that impressive. For a high-performance PC, check out the HP Pavilion Elite HPE-210F Quad Core Desktop.

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