Horizon MiniPak Charger Review: Pocket-sized Personal Hydro Power Plant for Gadgets!

I’m so excited to share with you my newfound discovery. This is the ultimate environment-friendly device we should all have. The Horizon MiniPak is the world’s first pocket-sized Hydrogen-powered tool that can charge most of today’s electronic gadgets. Unlike solar-powered rechargers such as Sunsei 18 Watt Solar Charger, the Horizon MiniPak will still be useful even if the sun is not around! Hydrogen fuel cell technology used to be expensive and only available to big industrial users. Luckily Horizon Fuel Cell Technology’s team of engineers has managed to create a small AA battery-size hydrogen fuel cell container they now call the HydroStik. This feat allowed the company to make the palm-sized Horizon MiniPak charger/recharger.

Horizon MiniPak Portable Hydrogen Power Generator Sample Photo

Horizon MiniPak Portable Hydrogen Power Generator is a good alternative to solar-energy

The HydroStik has the same size and weight of your standard AA battery but it is made of a special metal alloy that allows it to store Hydrogen in a solid-state form. This method is very safe compared to the usual compressed Hydrogen tanks that are prone to accidental leak and explosion. The solid-state storage of the HydroStik makes it perfect for everyday use in the MiniPak. Horizon’s technology also made it possible for the HydroStik to be refillable for up to 100 times. When you buy a MiniPak, Horizon will ship two of these HydroStik fuel cells. Each one of these fuel cell is capable of storing up to 15W of power. Most modern gadgets now uses less than 5W of electricity before they are fully-recharged.

The MiniPak can therefore charge a smartphone or an MP3 player 3-4 times before the HydroStik gets depleted. The savings you can earn from this hydro fuel device is considerable. Most Alkaline AA batteries only contain 1W of power and will last about an hour. If you compute the 100x refills possible in a 15W HydroStik, you save money equivalent to the price of 1,500 AA Alkaline batteries! Furthermore, the HydroStik doesn’t discharge like regular batteries do. It is possible to store the power for years in its solid-state hydrogen form!

Horizon Fuel Cell Technology is also selling a companion small-scale hydrogen refilling station for your HydroStik. It is ideal for home use. You just water and electricity by plugging the HydroFill home hydrogen station to an electrical wall socket or you may use the included solar panel to create hydrogen and refill your HydroStik! The MiniPak will become an unlimited source of energy for all your smartphones, media players, cameras, camcorders and other electronic devices. The MiniPak uses a Micro-USB port and a cable with multiple ports to recharge any electronic item. USB devices may be recharged directly using a USB cable.

Horizon Fuel Cell Technology is selling both MiniPak and HydroFill for $100. I know the price is a bit steep but the company has already hinted that they might lower the price if mass production becomes possible. Right now, they say, they are still looking for a big manufacturer to handle factory production of the MiniPak and HydroFill. Volume production might make it possible for them to sell the MiniPak for $30 or so. You may order this device from their website, http://www.horizonfuelcell.com/electronics.htm.

Horizon MiniPak Hydro Power Charger Features

  • Refillable H2 storage!
  • Safe Hydrogen Storage since it is stored in solid-state form
  • Cheaper for the amount of storable energy ($/Wh)
  • More available energy than most existing devices (Wh)
  • No self-discharge
  • Can be used even if you are from wall sockets.
  • Ready to use immediately. No need to precharged
  • USB connection with support for multiple devices’ charging ports
  • Eco-friendly: doesn’t cause any poisonous byproduct
  • Hot-swappable energy by simply exchanging an empty HydroStik with a full one
  • Can be carried inside commercial airlines since it doesn’t contain liquid

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