Garrity KN300G: Garrity 8 LED Touch ‘n Lite Lights Review

Garrity 8 LED Touch ‘n Lite is on sale for under $8 (shipping cot not included). Garrity 8 LED Touch ‘n Lite’s product code is Garrity KN300G (for code-conscious buyers). As the name implies, Garrity 8 LED Touch ‘n Lite only need to be touched for it to light up. These lights (or bulbs) are cheap and powerful. Our Garrity 8 LED Touch ‘n Lite (Garrity KN300G) review is positive.

Garrity 8 LED Touch ‘n Lite Review

Garrity 8 LED Touch ‘n Lite Review

What can you get if you purchase a Garrity 8 LED Touch ‘n Lite?You get long-lasting lights (45 hrs usable light) and can be powered by 3 double A alkaline batteries that are always available in electronic stores and even pharmacies. Garrity also indicated that when you get Garrity 8 LED Touch ‘n Lite, you’ll never have to worry about replacements. It can be used as a desk light or a wall light. The fixture looks good and it’s a great light for your homes and offices. I was looking for Garrity 8 LED Touch ‘n Lite sale at Walmart but did not fin one. I need this unit for my office and I was hoping to place my order online at Walmart but to no avail. Only woot has Garrity 8 LED Touch ‘n Lite available and it’s a 1-day deal only.

However, if you want some handheld flashlights that consume less electricity, try looking at the features of Garrity 1 Watt Luxeon Led Spotlight.

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  1. Jim MacDonald says:

    Where in Canada can I buy the Garrity LED lite #KN300G? My sister got 3 at a reseller and supposedly Canadian Tire has them BUT they say “NO”. Thank You!