Eamex of Japan Will Sell Eamex Lithium-Ion Batteries With 20-Year Lifespan

I hope this news from The Nikkei website is true. Eamex of Japan has disclosed it has found a way to manufacture high-capacity lithium-ion batteries that possesses that can last for two decades. Lithium-ion batteries are found on electric cars like Aptera 2e and electric scooters such as Piaggio MP3 Hybrid Scooter/Moped.

Eamex claims their new lithium-ion batteries will be able to withstand 10,000 charging cycles. Compare this to a top Macintosh Macbook’s battery which can only be charged for 1,000 times before it conks out.

Eamex’s newfound technology has figured out a method to stabilize the electrodes and thus preventing the corrosion of tin in the battery. The tin component in the lithium-ion battery is used for charging and recharging. Eamex’s method of preventing its deterioration means the battery can be charged repeatedly up to 10,000 or 20 years of use! Environmentalist can appreciate this wonderful discovery. Used batteries are one of the most toxic pollutants on this planet.

Unlike other fancy battery new technologies, this one from Eamex is authentic and will be available soon. The company plans to market a 10,000 Watt capacity lithium-ion battery by the last quarter of 2010. This new battery will be powerful enough to power electric scooters.

My only wish for Eamex is to also make this kind of long-lasting batteries for laptops, cellphone and other gadgets. I hate buying new batteries for my laptops every 2 years. People around the world can reap hefty savings from this Eamax battery technology.

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