Cheap Marvell All-in-One Tablet PC Compatible With Linux, Android and Windows OS

Marvell clearly reiterated that their proposed $99 Marvell Moby tablet PC is also going to be a powerful learning gadget that is always-connected to the internet, providing real-time rich interactive multimedia content, and will be capable enough to support full 1080p HD video playback and Adobe Flash support.

Marvell Tablet PC: Cheap and Environment-Friendly

Marvell Tablet PC Sample Photo (Model Number 1)

It will be equipped with a high-performance, highly scalable, and power-efficient Marvell ARMADA 600 series of application processors. The Moby tablet will have at least 1 Gigahertz processor speed, full 1080p HD video encode and decoding, low-power Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/FM/GPS connectivity, high performance 3D graphics acceleration, multi-touch capacitive touch screen, and will be fully compatible with third-party software standards like Shockwave, Quicktime, Linux, Android and Windows operating systems. This tablet computer is designed with long-life battery use, probably between 10-20 hours.

Marvell Moby Tablet PC for Students and Teachers

Marvell Moby Tablet PC: Cheap, Eco-Friendly and Powerful

Marvell’s Moby is going to benefit a lot of poor students especially those located in countries like the Philippines, India, Africa, and the like. Residents of the US, UK, China, and Canada will also love Marvell Moby Tablet PC for its very low price and friendliness to the environment. Release date of this product will be posted soon.

Having said all of these, I would like to praise this forward-thinking company for their generous initiative to offer a very cheap multimedia computer to all citizens of the world.

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  1. Claire says:

    I’m all excited about this tablet… When will it be available in the philippines? Can i pre order it and have it delivered?