Misoka Toothbrush: World’s First Toothbrush with Nano-Sized Microscopic Minerals

Give the Japanese another salute. They always come up with incredible inventions that benefit mankind. Yume Shokunin made a big splash at Tokyo Spring Tech Festival with their Misoka Toothbrush. It’s the world’s first toothbrush that uses advanced nano-technology to keep your mouth smelling fresh all day. The Misoka Toothbrush can be for purchase online for $15 each if you buy it from http://hiroshibeverlyhills.myshopify.com/products/misoka-teethbrush.

Misoka Toothbrush Price and Review

This $15 toothbrush is equipped with nano-minerals that will leave your mouth clean the whole day after brushing with it in the morning.

I’m already an adult yet I can still hear my late parents reminding me to always brush my teeth three times a day ever since I was 3-years old! I got drilled to this idea too much so that up until college I really was doing this routine. However, after getting employed I found it hard to do this daily task and only do it twice a day since I don’t get enough break time at the office to brush my teeth after I had my lunch.

The Misoka Toothbrush is specifically created to address busy professionals who forget to brush their teeth at lunch time. This amazing brush is coated with nano-sized antibacterial minerals that will keep your teeth and mouth clean the whole day after you brush with it in the morning. Well, I guess this Misoka Toothbrush won’t need the Violight VIO290 Duo UV Toothbrush Sanitizer at all.

Yume Shokunin has created a secret method to embed hydrophilic microscopic minerals on Misoka’s bristles and once you brush with it, these minerals will not only clean but also leave a protective layer on teeth and the entire mouth. These nano minerals will continue to repel bacteria and microbes from invading your mouth area all day long.

Just brush once with the Misoka after you eat breakfast and you don’t have to worry about bad breath or dirty teeth the whole day at the office. Your mouth will remain clean even after you eat lunch and snacks at your workplace. The Misoka’s nano minerals are very effective in preventing bacteria build-up! In fact, Misoka says this $15 brush will help you save money and is one of the eco-friendly gadgets because it requires no toothpaste at all.

The specific on what particular nano minerals are in the Misoka is a trade secret. But Yume Shokunin reveals these minerals are already found on human body so there’s no danger of you getting allergic reaction to the Misoka. Misoka Toothbrush not only keeps your mouth fresh all day long for its antimicrobial properties but its nano mineral coating also helps prevent tooth stain buildup. If you are a heavy smoker or coffee drinker then you really ought to buy this brush so that your teeth won’t suffer nicotine stain!

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