SIGG 0.6L Aluminum Water Bottle with Cleaning Tablets Cheap Deal

The SIGG 0.6L Aluminum Water Bottle is a reusable lightweight bottle made of aluminum. Like the Clear2go Applica Sport Water Bottle, this SIGG water bottle is BPA-free so there is no health-risk in using this bottle.

SIGG 0.6L Water Bottle Price and Features

SIGG 0.6L Aluminum Water Bottle in 11 Print Designs

SIGG 0.6L Aluminum Water Bottle’s interior lining is 100% effective against leaching and combats residue build-up. All of this bottle’s components are 100% recyclable so it is eco-friendly. This one however, does not have a water filter unlike the Clear2go bottle and Applica Clear2O Water Filtration Pitcher.

A SIGG 0.6L Aluminum Water Bottle with any print design costs $21.99 while 1 box of Sigg Water Bottle Clean Tablets (20 pcs.) costs $8.99 at their official online store ( At SellOut.Woot, 1 SIGG 0.6-Liter (20 oz.) Water Bottle with 4 SIGG Bottle Cleaning Tablets cost only $9.99 plus 5-year warranty (shipping fee included).


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