What is Google Chrome (Beta and 3D)?

My Google Chrome web browser has a version number A few months ago, Google announced the arrival of Chrome 2 for Mac OS X and Linux, but after our traumatic and forgettable experiences with the buggy Google Chrome version 1, we never bothered to install it in our Linux Ubuntu 8.10 system. What is Google Chrome, anyway? In simple terms, it is a web browser developed by the internet giant Google to compete with other browsers like Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari 4 (the fastest we have tested so far).

Google Chrome 3D and Beta

Google Chrome Beta and 3D (?)

As of late, many are asking what is Google Chrome’s current version. There are two variants of the most current versions of Chrome – the 3D and the Beta. The latest stable release is ver (what I have installed in this unit but seldom use due to bugs).

In the 3D version, you’ll have to download a specially-designed printable material and use the printout as (improvised) glasses. With this, you can enable 3D web browsing and enjoy the benefits of surfing the internet in 3D. Note: This is the Google Team’s April Fool’s joke on everyone which was fun really. ;-)

For the Google Chrome Beta, we can’t say much about it just yet. We have to test its features thoroughly before posting any review here. But as to the first release of Google Chrome, you can forget about using it. We don’t want to be rude but it simply sucks! The buzz about it was too much but it never quite delivered on its promises as one of the most reliable and stable web browsers. It always hangs and it can’t open some web pages properly. In the update to this web browser, we hope crashes will be minimized to give internet users a better browsing experience in the next update.

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