Nexus One Superphone Sold Out at Google’s Web Store!

Only three days ago, I wrote about Google’s decision to stop selling and manufacturing the Nexus One smart phone once their current inventory sells out. Well, bad news for those of you who failed to act quickly. I just checked out Google’s web shop and I can confirm to you all that the Nexus One android phone has already sold out! Google received a shipment of Nexus One Superphone only last week and I guess thousands of people promptly bought them all.

Google Nexus One Sample Photo

Last batch of Nexus One phones sold out. Google stops selling it!

Interested folks who still want to own this classic Android phone can now only get it from a few select carriers like Vodafone in Europe. The Nexus One Superphone had its debut last January during the CES 2010. Even though it only had such a short run, I’m sure tech-heads will always cherish the memory of this groundbreaking phone. The Google Nexus One android phone may not have sold as many units as Motorola’s Droid but it was the handset that showed the world just how powerful Android OS can be. Google’s first smart phone proved that Android OS-powered devices can perform better than Apple’s iPhone 4!

Andy Rubin, Vice-President of Google in charge of Android, denied that poor sales was the reason why they are discontinuing the Nexus One. He told Wall Street Journal that they broke even with the Google Nexus One. You read it right my friends, Google didn’t make money on this smart phone so they are shelving this forever. Get going and get yourself a Nexus One Superphone from retail stores that still carry them! Nexus One, the legendary phone gets an early death but we will always remember it for being the first Android phone that made Apple nervous!

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