Google Public Data Becoming More Accessible

Google Public Data: When we say “public data” we mean data (figures, statistics, graphs, charts, etc) that the public can access anywhere especially online without a lot of restrictions and without breaking the law. Google public data are becoming more and more accessible lately. However, the only restriction is the location where data is available. As of this writing, data outside the US are not yet available in this new search feature in Google.

Moreover, stats on population, prices of certain products, unemployment rate in Alaska, are only some of the data that Google serve to the public.

Although Google public data is not a new concept, Google wanted to make this a new search feature adding more spice using interactive charts and supplemental links. This is really an interesting new feature introduced by Google. IMHO, Google public data will draw more attention to Google and will contribute a lot to researchers and regular internet users. Perhaps in the near future this feature will be made available for mobile phones as a separate app.

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