Google Maps Street View (Philippines)

I have not really explored much of Google Earth’s street maps but lately I’ve been doing some exploration of my hometown in the Philippines – Laoag City. Google Maps street view of the place is absolutely fantastic. I’ve learned a lot about my own city’s streets (which I did not know prior to using Google Earth and other related Google apps).

Here are sample photos of the Street View in Google Maps updated this April 2009. The second image is more detailed (lower zoom) and it gives a clear view of how the streets are connected within a certain location. If you want to take a tour of your own city in the virtual world, then all you have to do is use Google earth and set your location by name and you’ll see street views in a whole new way. Alternatively, you can set the Google Latitude Longitude to see the exact location of the coordinates (just in case you are not aware of the name of the coordinates given).

Google Maps Street View

Google Maps Street View

Google Maps Street View (lower magnification, more details)

Google Maps Street View (lower magnification, more details)

In your cell phones, you can download Google Maps for Your Mobile Phones and see the photos similar to the ones shown above. But you have to check the supported phones before doing this to ensure that you can really utilize this nifty mapping tool.

Sample Google Street View (US)

Between Google Earth 5 and Microsoft Virtual earth, I’m inclined to favor the former because its satellite photos of earth are really amazing. Google Maps Street views are also constantly updated every few months. Google Map Maker is also available here in the Philippines but I have yet to check it out and probably submit photos I’ve taken here in my home province so that tourists can better appreciate our place and be given directions ahead of time before coming here. This is especially useful because our province is a tourist spot in the country and many foreigners come here every now and then to take a vacation.

Pascual Building on a Street in Laoag City, Philippines

Update: The first two photos are satellite images, only the third photo (lowest) is the actual Google Street View (US) and the last photo is a sample screenshot of a street in the Philippines showing a street and a landmark (Pascual building). This mistake was pointed out by 2 kind commenters (see comments below). The second photo was uploaded by our writer by mistake. He was supposed to upload the last photo, but still a note to the public: Google Street View Philippines is not complete yet. The photos you will see elsewhere were definitely uploaded by users, local folks or tourists but they are good previews of the streets you’ll be interested in. We’re keeping the photos in the post anyway.

To the commenters, thanks for the corrections! – ADMIN


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  1. eleazarlee c delos santos says:

    i want exact road net/way distance from point of origin to point of destination for me to calculate my time of travel.

  2. White says:

    hi.. I would wish that street view is also available in the Philippines.. Please …

  3. thony carpena says:

    want to know the nearest point while driven to my destination.

  4. glenn valencia says:

    i want to have maps with street view

  5. kennbase says:

    JoeryR is correct, sir, that is not yet Google Maps ‘Street View” that you are appreciating. That is just ordinary satellite view. I’m also sad that Google is still not getting their Streetview van to drive around the Philippines. I would love to see my house here in Albay in full detail. I hope Google would listen to my request.

  6. Rafael F. Alcuaz says:

    I used to see my house but now it is full of clouds. Maybe we should find a way to control the view…such as saving a specific area which we do not want to update? I used to see also a jet near our ancestral home in Little Baguio, San Juan, Metro Manila…but now it is gone…..Very good work indeed for you at Google. Thank you very much…I won’t get lost anymore.

  7. jonathan says:

    ok,I can see that the view of the map is in little detail but still..,the maps is as regular then its supose to be,streeT view.. pls.

  8. T. says:

    Yeah, JoeryR is right.. Those images at the top are Google Satellite view not Street View.

    Street view are actual photos at the ground level (what you would see walking around on the actual street). From other street view locations I’ve seen, they are taken from a moving vehicle that Google itself does on their own.

  9. romel tomines says:

    i admire very much your advance technologies i would like to view my house in the philippines,,,, thank you

  10. JoeryR says:

    Dude, you dont understand what streetview is…in the philippines there is no street view, just the normal google maps. Street view is a view where u can ‘walk through’ the streets