Google GDrive: Store and Backup Your Data Online Free

Recent Google news has it that GDrive, Google’s online file storage and backup application is in the works. Yes, folks. That’s right. Google promised that with Gdrive, you can store and backup your files online for free! This news about Google GDrive came shortly after the news broke about the release of Google Latitude and Downloadable Google Maps for cell phones and other devices.

The official announcement of the GDrive’s official launching has yet to be heard and some skeptics (like myself) are beginning to doubt the reliability of Google GDrive. Are files going to to be stored in secure servers? If yes, how fast and reliable can these servers perform? :-)

According to Google, “GDrive provides reliable storage for all of your files, including photos, music and documents. GDrive allows you to access your files from anywhere, anytime, and from any device – be it from your desktop, web browser or cellular phone.” Let’s just wait and see.

Personally, I’d like to try Google GDrive to store and backup my files (photos and music videos mainly) because I still have second thoughts about its reliability. Remember, GDrive hasn’t been fully tested yet so when it becomes available, I suggest you store and backup your files online using GDrive but do not upload files containing sensitive information about you, your credit card info, etcetera.

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  1. Raza syed says:

    I want to store up to 200GB of data gradually

  2. margi patel says:

    want to save data safely and no need to hard disk

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