Download Google Goggles App: Google Goggles Mobile Phone Application Demo Video

Google Goggles Application was launched on the first week of December 2009. Google Goggles is a downloadable application for select mobile phones with cameras and internet access. In short Google Goggles app can be used in smartphones and android handsets. Google Goggles App is actually an image recognition software application created by Google, Incorporated. The giant company made history in pioneering this image recognition software app for mobile phones or handsets.

Images that Work on the Google Goggles Mobile Phone Application

Google Goggles Mobile Phone Application Works with these Kind of Images

How does the Google Goggles App work on our mobile phones? First, take a picture of an object then Google Goggles automatically scans the image. After scanning, Google Goggles analyzes the data and presents search results from the web. This phone application works on images of the following objects or subjects: Book Covers, Printed DVD Cases, Barcodes, Calling Cards/Contact Info Cards, Famous Artworks, Business Establishments, Products, Logos and Text. Great! However, there are still limitations in the Google Goggles App. So far, Google Goggles scanning and reading ability is limited to the above-mentioned subjects. The application cannot provide accurate search results for photos of vehicles, plants, animals and food.

If you happen to have a smartphone and want to download Google Goggles Application, better watch this video demo. This is Google Goggles App demo video and tutorial by Google Goggles Lab. You will learn here how to utilize the app to easily search for info on images or pictures on Google using your mobile phones.

The Google Goggles image recognition app is a new technology and still got much to improve. As of now, this mobile phone app made a lot of people give Google two thumbs up for pioneering this new technology. We’re looking forward to Google Goggles App updates or upgrades in the future. We’re pretty sure a lot of improvements will be seen when updates are released.

Google Goggles App can be downloaded and used with Google Nexus One Superphone, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mobile Phone, Motorola DROID Phone and other smartphones.

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    i cant find the download link…! where is it….?

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