Kinect Review: Xbox 360 Kinect Motion Sensing System Review

Microsoft just wants to own every field in the technology industry. In gaming, Microsoft Game Studios is a publisher of some of the hottest video games like Halo Series and Gears of War Series. Microsoft also competes with Sony and Nintendo in developing a better gaming console and console accessories to provide the ultimate gaming experience.

Kinect Review, Kinect Motion Sensing System at Work

Microsoft has released a motion sensing system as an accessory for the Xbox 360 gaming console.

This November 2010, Microsoft has released the Xbox 360 Kinect Motion Controller, a motion sensing system without an actual controller. Xbox Kinect Reviews are all over the internet. IGN gave their Kinect Review right after it was released. The review gave both the weaknesses and strengths of this new gaming accessory for Xbox 360.

Other gamers also gave their own thoughts about the Kinect Motion Sensing System for Xbox 360. Here is one of the Kinect Reviews on YouTube.

That was ItsOnBTV’s Xbox 360 Kinect Review. You may also leave your own review and share your own gaming experience in using Xbox Kinect.

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