Chrono Trigger RPG Game Coming to the PSP and PlayStation 3

Sony’s head honchos finally realized their mistake. Their previous decision not to accept the world’s best ever Japanese-made RPG game, Chrono Trigger has caused them lots of lost profits. Nintendo’s launching of Chrono Trigger for the DS handheld platform in 2008 sure helped make it the world’s best mobile gaming platform, replacing the once-mighty Playstation Portable (PSP). Now Sony and Square Enix have announced that Chrono Trigger will also be coming soon to the Sony PSP and Playstation 3 via PlayStation Network.

Square Enix Chrono Trigger for PSP and PS3 News Update

I love this classic SNES game! This turn-based RPG helped me win 2 girlfriends back in the '90s.

Almost all gaming websites on the planet unanimously agrees that Chrono Trigger is the most in-depth role playing game from Japan. Fans of this game even rate it higher than legendary western RPG games like Diablo II and Elder Scrolls. I have to agree with this assessment. I played the original Chrono Trigger on the Super NES console way back in 1996. I still have fond memories of me and my ex-girlfriend getting hooked on it for almost 2 months.

To make the story short, I taught her how to play Chrono Trigger on the SNES and she got addicted to it so much, she was coming to our house almost everyday and that’s when I made my smooth criminalover moves. By the 2nd week of her daily Chrono Trigger playing at our house, she became my girlfriend. I won her heart without me spending too much money on expensive courtship dates or gifts!

So you see, in my book, Chrono Trigger is really the best RPG ever made. If you haven’t played this game before, then you should to do so when it comes out for the PS3 or PSP. Chrono Trigger’s gameplay and story line is perfect for subtle seductions. Try the trick I mentioned above with your crush and you might just have a better chance of her heart falling for you.

I haven’t played the Nintendo DS version of this game but in the original Chrono Trigger on the SNES, the plot revolves around the main hero Crono and his buddies Marle and Lucca. Just like any other role-playing games, Crono and his friends go in an adventure slaying lots of monsters. All this fantasy story started when Lucca’s teleportation experiment went awry and sent him, Chrono and Merle to another time period where they will discover a very ancient evil that threatens to destroy the world they came from.

This game’s story is so adorable to girls because Marle is the princess and when you pretend to be Crono, there’s a very big chance your crush will also fall for you once she gets addicted to Chrono Trigger. She will keep coming back to your place just to play it and eventually she won’t mind your naughty hands touching her legs, shoulder, b**bs. In fact she will enjoy your intimacy, she won’t even mind if you hug her when you finish killing a boss monster. Hugs leads to kisses, kisses leads to mutual caressing, mutual caressing leads to undressing!

I just gave you the best reason why you should buy this Chrono Trigger when it comes out for the PlayStation 3 and PSP. I really suggest you buy the PS3 version so you and your crush can play at the same time. I don’t know about this new version but in the SNES version, Chrono Trigger’s combat system was turn-based like Final Fantasy. You can really play cute to your crush by giving her wise advise on how to do the most effective combos. She might just kiss you if you show her how to make a successful 6-hit combo attack!


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