Sonim XP 3.2 Quest Pro Review: World’s Toughest Unlocked Cellphone

Sonim XP 3.2 Quest Pro Review: Sonim Technologies is so confident they have the best and toughest cellphone in the world today that they are offering a 3-year unconditional warranty for Sonim XP 3.2 Quest Pro cellphone. Sonim has come up with a much improved version of last year’s Sonim XP3 Quest tough cellphone. We all thought that this military-grade phone has reached it pinnacle of extreme ruggedness, but Sonim unveiled the upgraded XP 3.2 Quest Pro at CES 2010 earlier in January. This latest model got equipped with Gorilla Glass. Try to hammer a nail to the Sonim XP 3.2 Quest Pro display screen and be amused, the nail won’t even make a scratch!

Sonim XP 3.2 Quest Pro Mobile Phone

Sample Photo Sonim XP 3.2 Quest Pro Mobile Phone

The Sonic XP 3.2 Quest Pro is completely water-proof and has survived every possible torture test it was punished with. The construction of this phone exceeds the Military certification, MIL-810G, for resistance to dust, salt, sand, shock, heat, and cold. With confirmed RPS rating of IP67, it is the world’s ultimate toughest cellphone, able to survive drops as high as 15 feet, survived in all extreme weather and environment. The phone is really durable, putting it on a vise, kicking, stomping on it or throwing it against a solid cement wall will not even make a small scratch.

Unlocked Sonim XP 3.2 Quest Pro Mobile Phone

World's Toughest Cell Phone is also Very Handy

It works well even if you are in sub zero climate and wet weather. Go swimming with it and ask your friend to call you while you are snorkeling and the Sonic XP 3.2 quest will ring perfectly. It is the only cellphone I know that will let you make a call or send a text message while you are 2 meters underwater!

You don’t need to be in the military to appreciate the awesome ruggedness of the Sonim XP 3.2 Quest Pro. If you are an outdoors person who still worries about bringing your precious iPhone 3G/3GS or Blackberry phones into the wildest destinations, fear no more. Whether you like mountain/rock climbing, swimming, boating, biking, snorkeling, cave exploring, you can still stay connected if you buy the XP 3.2 Quest Pro. You can be on top of Mt. Everest or in the middle of the Kalahari Desert, be assured that your XP 3.2 Quest Pro will work immaculately.

The selling price of Sonim XP 3.2 Quest Pro is under $500. For those who are conscious with cash, the cost may be viewed as high but for those who value quality, Sonim XP 3.2 Quest Pro cellphone is something worth having.

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  1. arejoy says:

    How to sonim xp3.20 nck unblock

  2. gordon pulsifer says:

    can i use this phone with tmobile? i have gone thru a dozen phones in my construction company i need this phone? simcard?