KGUARD Security Surveillance System with Infrared Cameras (4-Channel) Technical Specs

We bought the Kguard Security Surveillance System with infrared cameras after a series of burglary attempts in our apartment. We were leaning towards the Zmodo 4 Channel Surveillance System because it is a cheaper set of CCTV cameras with almost the same technical specs but it wasn’t available at the time of our need for security video cameras.

Kguard CCTV Cameras Review

For Home and Office Security, Try KGuard Security Video Surveillance System with Infrared Cameras

For some of the 4-Channel Kguard Security Surveillance System technical specs and features, here’s a short list:

  • H.264 encoding has the advantage of high image quality, low bit-rate and saving money on storage without sacrificing in video quality.
  • Get peace of mind by monitoring on Internet Explorer 9 or earlier versions, Smartphone or Table PC when you’re away from home (Supports Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry)
  • KGuard Exclusive, free surveillance software provides you powerful remote accessibility and management.
  • Graphical User Interface(GUI) and USB mouse access for easier and user friendly configuration and operation.
  • Viewable on widescreen VGA resolution of 1440 x 900, user can easily connect to their existing TV or LCD monitor via VGA.

How to setup Kguard Security system so you can view the real-time videos and previous recordings on your computer, Android phones and tablets, iPhone 4S and Blackberry phones like BlackBerry Curve 9380 or Blackberry Curve 9220 is another discussion. The videos can also be setup to be viewed on your HDTV, be it LCD TV or LED TV. We’ll post more of those when we’ve organized our articles.

For our initial review, we can say that the IR cameras are good enough. The videos are clear but the monitor we got was blurry and we asked for a replacement. However, we found out that viewing the video recordings on your computer will decrease the resolution a great deal. Sometimes we didn’t even recognize the faces even in broad daylight but overall we’re happy with the whole system despite the fact that we found the software (NVR300 and/or KViewCenter) difficult to setup at first.

We placed one one camera at the back of the house, one on the second floor overlooking the garage, one on the first floor also overlooking the garden and garage and one was placed inside the living room.

Kguard security systems are made in Taiwan and the price of the 4-Channel model reached PhP40,000 (including labor and overtime pay) as we rushed the installation of the CCTV cameras until 2am to immediately monitor any unlawful activities by robbers and the like.

In the US, the price of the 4-Channel KGuard Security system is almost $450. This model comes with 500GB of hard drive. You can upgrade the hard disk capacity to 1TB if you want to.

It’s become popular in some parts of Australia, Europe, Canada and the USA even if it’s more expensive than Eye Q 4-Channel Security System, another competing brand in the security business.

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