FireText Smoke Alarm: The Text Messaging Smoke Alarm

No matter how high-tech condo or house is, there’s still the ever present danger of fire. There are residences with built-in smoke detectors such as the First Alert Onelink Wireless Smoke Alarm SA501CN2-3ST. However, what’s the use of a smoke detector blaring up warning sounds if you are in the office?

The creators of FireText Smoke Alarm have addressed this loophole. It’s the only one I know that can also warn property owners about the threat of fire even if they are miles away from home.

FireText Smoke Alarm is capable of sending SMS messages to up to 4 different recipient numbers as soon as it detects smoke! This genius idea takes advantage of the standard behavior of people to immediately check their cellphones/mobile phones as soon as a text message is received.

Nothing is more painful than losing a home to the wrath of flames. People who live in rural areas neighbors are afar should really buy the FireText Smoke Alarm. Set it up in 4 easy steps. It’s battery operated so there’s no worry about it being unable to warn of fire should there be no electric power.

FireText Smoke Alarm Specs, Features and Price

Alert the fire department or oneself of impending or present fire inside your home using the FireText Smoke Alarm.

FireText Smoke Alarm Features List:

  • Photoelectric smoke detection, ideal for smouldering fires
  • Quad-band GSM
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Super-loud, 85db at 3m siren
  • All fixings supplied
  • Quick-fix mounting plate supplied for easy installation
  • Insect proof
  • Smoke detection complies with EN1406, AS3786 and UL217 standard
  • CE, BSI, SAI Global approved
  • Low battery warning (audio)

FireText Smoke Alarm is programmable to send fire warning text messages to the resident’s cellphone, fire department or police department so that the place under continuous fire monitoring even if the resident is on a vacation. Just pay around $79 to own this ingenious tool at online store.


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