Samsung EZON Digital Door Locks Introduced

Well, this is a nice surprise. Aside from already dominating the TV and smartphone market, Samsung also wants people to buy digital locks from them! Seoul Commtech, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Group unveiled the EZON Digital Door Lock at the International Security Conference in Las Vegas.

Samsung EZON Digital Door Lock Features and Models

Secure your precious homes with the upcoming Samsun EZON digital door lock! It has two levels of protection, manual key and digital password!

The Samsung EZON Digital Door Lock will soon hit the US market and will come in different models. American homeowners and office bosses may choose from EZON SHS-7120, SHS-7020, SHS-7100, SHS-3420 and SHS-2320. All of these product models will feature hybrid digital and mechanical protection system.

Samsung claims their EZON digital locks are already certified by the prestigious Underwriter Laboratory. Meaning insurance companies approve the EZON as an adequate security measure against property theft. The Samsung EZON digital lock, as pictured above, offers a touchscreen display wherein a homeowner can input a digital password or use a conventional key to open it. These Samsung EZON Digital Door Locks can be great to team up with existing security systems such as the Q-See 16 Channel H.264 Surveillance System.

The beauty of the Samsung EZON Digital Door Lock is that it doesn’t require complicated setup.. In fact, it can easily replace all the ordinary house lock and key doorknob found on most household in the world.

Samsung has yet to announce any final release date or pricing for the Samsung EZON Digital Door Locks. Let’s just wait for further announcements about this security gadget.

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