PS3 Update 2.42 Ready for Download But Offers No Significant Improvement to the Old PS3 Firmware

If you love Sony’s PlayStation 3 (PS3), you should consider updating your Firmware to version 2.42. However, the PS3 update to 2.42 doesn’t offer much improvement to the old PS3 firmware because it only improves the playback quality of some PlayStation 3 and PlayStation format software. Hence, more bug fixes and updates are in order.

To update your old PS3 firmware to the PS3 2.42 firmware, just power on your PS3 and it will automatically download the latest firmware version via the PSN.

The PS3 update to 2.42 may not be much to the tech-savvy PS3 users but I hope it will satisfy you with what it can offer for now. Let’s wait and see what sony has in store for us in the future.

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