Sony PlayStation 3 3D Gaming: Sony Delivers 3D Gaming Experience on PlayStation 3 Console

Sony is serious in delivering 3D home entertainment this 2010 including the Sony PlayStation 3 3D experience. Aside from the Sony BRAVIA 3DTV, Sony PlayStation 3 3D Gaming will be launched this 2010. PlayStation 3 units will be able to play 3D stereoscopic games. This means the Sony PS3 3D Gaming won’t run “real 3D” games but will play stereoscopic 3D games that are products of optical illusion.

Gran Turismo 5 3D Game on PlayStation 3 3D Gaming Console

Sony PlayStation 3 3D Gaming with Gran Turismo 5 in 3D

Sony PS3 3D gaming is similar on how 3D games will be played on the Nintendo 3DS Gaming Console and is presently experienced on the Nintendo DSi. However, the Nintendo 3DS is a portable handheld gaming device while Sony has not confirmed is 3D will be available on Sony PlayStation Portable gaming console. So far, only Sony PS3 will play 3D gaming.

The Sony PlayStation 3 3D gaming experience will be delivered this summer 2010. According to Sony, PS3 3D gaming will be available via PlayStation 3 firmware update. First look of the Sony PS3 3D Console with 3D games will be released this June 2010 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Stay tuned for more updates on the Sony PlayStation 3 3D Gaming.

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