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George Hotz proudly announced more than a month ago that he successfully hacked the Playstation 3 (breached the PS3 security protocol). After only 5 weeks of hard work, this American hacker has confirmed he defeated the Playstation 3’s anti-piracy system. “It’s supposed to be unhackable – but “nothing is unhackable”, says the young maverick. He said he used both hardware and software modification to bypass the PS3 security system. His work will also let PS2 games be played on the PS3. This will eventually lead to letting console owners play pirated games on the Playstation 3!

Sony PS3 Got Hacked!

George Hotz admits he hasn’t fully hacked the whole Playstation 3 system and its protected memory but he confides he can now trick the console to do whatever he wants done. He described his hack as 5% hardware and 95% software. “You can use hardware to inject insecurity and then you can build on that,” he said. He promised to publish a detailed account on how he achieved his feat and will also release the ‘root key’ for others to make their own PS3 hacks. Playstation 3 gamers must be very excited, I presume.

But… just in case you forgot, the Playstation 3 is a beast of a computer. It has a cell processor based on a 3.2Mhz PowerPC core and cutting-edge 550Mhz GPU. It is powerful enough to run Windows or Linux operating systems. I would love to see somebody running PS3 as a desktop computer. Just add keyboard and mouse to its USB ports and voila! You have yourself a Sony PS3 PC. But this not what is most exciting, please remember that the PS3 has built-in Wi-Fi and this makes the console perfect for running Google’s upcoming Chrome OS! Imagine how convenient it would be if you can just switch the PS3 from gaming console to a Google Chrome OS computer! But that is something we have yet to see in the future.

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  1. mary says:

    what about hacking operating system for mobile to add new program

  2. PS3 Hacker says:

    It’s no secret that hacking PS3 is easy. PS3 hack is not a new stuff. No wonder even teenagers got the PS3 hacked without using high-tech gadgets. There are simple tutorials on how to hack the PS3 gaming console. If you are a computer programmer with a background in C++, you can easily do that.