Samsung ES8000 3D Smart TV Release Date, Features and Some Technical Specs

The world’s smartest TV, the Samsung ES8000 3D Smart HDTV finally gets official released in South Korea. This trailblazing smart TV won this year’s Innovation Award at CES 2012 last January. The ES8000 Smart TV further attest to Samsung’s crown as the world’s top producer of cutting-edge television sets. This TV product is packed with the latest computer technology that makes it an all-around device for entertainment, news and productivity just like its contemporary model, Samsung UNES7500 3D Smart LED TV, which also possesses voice control and accepts user commands via gestures.

Samsung ES8000 Smart TV Released in Korea

The New Samsung ES8000 3DTV is So Smart and Packed with Very Cool Features

The Samsung ES8000 is the first TV to feature a real computer inside powered by a dual-core CPU for lightning-fast processing not only of video images but also for real online connectivity. It is also the first TV set to have native support for motion and voice control. Yes, you may interact with the Samsung ES8000 like you do when using Microsoft Kinect or Nintendo Wii Motion Plus Controller. But this TV offers more features and has some handsome technical specs – thanks to its built-in HD camera and dual-microphone system, it has advanced Facial Recognition and Voice control system! Instead of using your hands to navigate movie channels or websites, you can just speak to it and the Samsung ES8000 will do whatever commands you give.

The first model comes in a post-minimalist super-thin and with chrome bezel 55-inch Super OLED display but Samsung has yet to offer final pricing. I hope it doesn’t reach or go beyond US$8,000 like LG 55EM9600 55-Inch Cinema 3D OLED Smart HDTV because let’s face it, no matter how advanced a product is, its market success will be dictated by mass purchases. Anyway, the Samsung ES8000 Smart TV promises to be future-proof, Samsung says it will be an evolving product with regular firmware upgrades and hardware improvements.

This TV comes with a dedicated computer inside so don’t be surprised if it can replace your desktop computer when it comes to daily tasks. Expect it also to be a premier gaming platform because Samsung has already a massive 14,000 free and paid apps available for the ES8000 Smart TV. Samsung also revamped the AllShare technology for this Smart TV, this wireless sharing technology now offers unrestricted playback of media files from across all Samsung products and from the cloud. Meaning, it now supports automatic push content from the web!


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  1. Riley says:

    I think that this TV would have to be the best looking out of all their TVs. I am looking to get a new TV since I let my parents have my last one. They agreed to upgrade to free HD on their Dish account and needed a TV to take advantage of it. I came across the ES8000 after my co-workers at Dish suggested I look at Samsung TVs. I must say, I am looking forward to trying this out and maybe even buying one!