Nintendo Project Cafe or Wii 2 Gaming Console Details Leaked

Before the E3 2011 event, Nintendo was already making internet noise. Japan’s leading newspaper, Nikkei leaked out details about the successor to the Wii console and it certainly did pique my curiosity. As per the report, Nintendo’s Wii sales figures which used to be record-settings, has been in swift decline due to the massive popularity of Microsoft’s Kinect which greatly boosted the sales of Xbox 360 since November 2010.

Nintendo Project Cafe Wii 2 Features

Nikkei already leaked that Nintendo's upcoming Wii 2 is codenamed Project Cafe and has a new touch-enabled controller.

Nintendo, who originally pioneered motion controllers before with their revolutionary Wii, has therefore decided to make a radical change for the upcoming Wii 2. Codenamed Project Cafe, the Wii’s upcoming new model will not only feature motion control technology but will also come equipped with a new touchscreen-compatible hand controller.

The Nintendo Project Cafe controller will give Wii 2 gamers tablet-like handling to control games. If you have been playing a lot with the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 then you understand what Nintendo is going to be bringing to console gaming!

Instead of physical buttons or motion controls, you can just control a Wii game via finger tap, touch, swipe, and pinch! This Project Cafe controller will have an ample 6-inch touchscreen display and will feature a rechargeable battery. There’s also a camera incorporated to it which can be used by gamers to create avatars or video chat over online Wii 2 coop-games.

Lastly, this Nintendo Project Cafe controller can also be used as a portable gaming device like a Nintendo DS! You can play even if you don’t bring the Wii 2 console. The Nikkei report says Nintendo plans to release Project Cafe or Wii 2 by middle of 2012. I think that’s too long! Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect Motion Controller is such a big hit that some people are actually selling their Wii consoles to buy an Xbox 360 instead.

I hope Nintendo works faster and bring out the Project Cafe before 2011 ends!

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