Netflix Streaming on Nintendo Wii Console is Coming Soon

Rumors have been around since August 2009 that Netflix will also be streaming on the Nintendo Wii console. Negotiations between the Netflix and Nintendo came out satisfactory to both sides so the deal is pushing through. Ending months of speculations, Netflix officially announced that starting Spring of 2010 (target release date of the service), Netflix movies and programs will be available to Nintendo Wii owners in the U.S. The availability is highly anticipated by millions of users as of this writing.

Image of Netflix on Nintendo Wii

Netflix-Nintendo Wii Partnership

Wii owners who have broadband connections and willing to spend $9 a month can watch unlimited NetFlix streaming videos. Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 have already signed up for NetFlix earlier last year and are already streaming movies and shows from Netflix.

Netflix was adamant in wooing Nintendo Co. who were playing hard to get and must have exacted a better deal with Netflix. They know Netflix needed to land the deal badly. Revenue-wise, Wii-owners outnumber the subscriber potential of PS3 and Xbox owners.

Nintendo Company’s Wii is the number-one selling game console in the U.S. with an estimated sale of 26 million units up to December 2009. There are more Wii households that Netflix could entice to sign up for their streaming device and winning the go-ahead from Nintendo Co is a sweet jackpot.

Netflix is aggressively pushing their streaming services because its DVD rental business has reached saturation point. They currently have 100,000 DVD movies for rent but their streaming catalog of 17,000 movie and TV shows are proving to be quite profitable. The advent of cheap super-fast internet broadband has made lazy people watch movies online rather than go out and rent a DVD or watch a movie in a theater.

Wii owners who signs up with NetFlix $8.99/month plan will receive a special ‘instant-streaming’ DVD from Netflix on April 2009. Customers can then use the Wii motion-controller to navigate their Netflix account and watch unlimited streaming movies or TV shows.

by Almario Alcaraz, Jr., Contributor

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