Nintendo 3DS Gaming Console: Will Nintendo 3DS Provide Real 3D or Optical Illusion?

Nintendo 3DS Handheld Gaming Device was recently announced by Nintendo. However, the gaming console manufacturing company did not divulge any information on how the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console will be like. The only thing we know is that the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming device will be a glasses-free device.

Photo of Nintendo 3DS Glasses-Free 3D Portable Gaming Console - Unofficial

Nintendo 3DS Glasses-Free 3D Portable Gaming Console (Predicted Look)

Glasses-free 3D on Nintendo 3D definitely means it won’t be like the 1995 Virtual Boy with “true 3D graphics” video gaming console by Nintendo. The Nintendo 3DS will stimulate the illusion of depth using a built-in motion sensor. The 3D images will only be a product of optical illusion and not real 3D.

These are just few information on how video games will look like in the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console. Some were pretty optimistic that the Nintendo 3DS will use holograms but that will be a little bit over the top for a small gaming device. Stay tuned for more info about Nintendo 3DS release date and don’t miss our coverage on the first look of Nintendo 3DS at the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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  1. woongah says:

    From what I’ve read, it appears that Nintendo uses some kind of optical mask to send two different images, one for each eye, to the viewer as long as it keeps his eyes on the two sides of the vertical plan perpendicular to the center of the screen (which is not much of a problem for an handheld console, but is a monstrous one for a 42” that must be viewed by the whole family, so don’t expect this technology to reach mainstream televisions anytime soon).

    You may say that it is “an optical illusion”, but this is actually the way as human tri-dimensional vision works, so the difference with “true” 3D should be hardly noticeable.

    As long as you don’t tilt the screen sideways, of course.

  2. james braseltojn says:

    hi there! yes pandora is probably cheaper but those pandora have 3d or 3d without glasses. i like the most innovated consoles not the cheapest like Nintendo 3DS that’s why sony has skipped quad ssd’s in the ps3 or tripple volci-raptors at 300gb a piece soo 900gb hdd at 10,000 rpms for 30,000 rpms

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