Nintendo DSi XL or Nintendo DSi LL Gaming Console Features and Price

Nintendo DSi XL Handheld Gaming Console is the fourth version of Nintendo DS portable gaming device. It is a successor of the Nintendo DSi and DSi Lite. It will be followed in 2011 by a more advanced version called the Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo DSi XL was already released in Japan last year as the Nintendo DSi LL gaming console. It is also made available in Europe earlier this month and is about to be released in the USA.

Photo of Nintendo DSi XL or Nintendo DSi LL Handheld Gaming Device (Wine Red)

Nintendo DSi XL or Nintendo DSi LL Portable Gaming Console (Wine Red)

Nintendo DSi XL or Nintendo DSi LL features a larger touch-sensitive screen. This portable gaming console has a 4.2-inch screen that is 93% larger than the Nintendo DS Lite’s screen and a wide-viewing angle. Nintendo DSi XL also comes with pre-installed games.

Here is the trailer of this new Nintendo DSi XL or Nintendo DSi LL Handheld Gaming Console.

Like the DSi Lite, Nintendo DSi XL features two cameras, a built-in web browser, 16MB RAM, SD memory card slot, music playback, demo download, internal storage, DSiShop and sleek design. Aside from the large 4.2″ screen size, the Nintendo DSi XL gaming console is unique for its additional features – a camera dictionary and stylus pen for its touch-screen. The DSi XL weighs 314g and has a long battery life of 14-17 hours.

A brand new Nintendo DSi XL has a suggested retail price of $189.99 in the USA or £150 in the UK.

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  1. Hotshotnz says:

    Well, we are onto our 4th Nintendo DSi XL. The first worked for 3 weeks then up came the “An error has occurred press and hold the power button” after waiting 10 – 20 secs on a white screen. The next one wouldn’t even get past the welcome screen when first turned on. The next one had a pink top screen. Finally, the last one we got on 12th May and it came up with the “An error …” today. We’ve not had an issues with the DS or DSi consoles but the XL is a complete and utter joke. It makes my Xbox 360 look positively reliable (only 3 returns!!)

    • Svekke says:

      Same experience here this week. New Nintendo DSi XL with system errors. Changed it at store but same problem with new one. People from store then tested it for a couple of days without any problem. So the problem was me, or my house! To make a long story short … the DSi XL has a problem with the sensors (IR) of our alarm system. DSi XL works fine in a room without sensor. Will have a talk with Nintendo about this next week !

      • Lieve says:


        Did you already have a talk about is with nintendo? We have the same problem. Nintendo DS XL with white screens and errors. We have 3 consoles with the same problem and every time we get a new one, the problem is there again. We have given up switching and just disabled wireless connections. If we switch the wireless communications off, it works fine. We also have an alarm system in our house with sensors. Maybe that is the problem? I’m curious about what nintendo has to say about it.

        • Svekke says:

          @Lieve, Nintendo indeed confirmed this problem and advised to disable wireless comm. This is a lot easier than gaming in a non-detected zone :-)

  2. duggs says:

    Bought new Nintendo Dsi XL took it out of the box within 2 min error message: “An error has occurred press and hold the Power button to turn the system off.” This happens with all game cards and none mostly when moving through the menu and is preceeded by both screens going white for about 20 sec’s. Brought it back to the shop and got a brand new one took it out of the the box and guess what , the exact same problem occurred with the second one, not impressed to put it mildly.

    • Suzy says:

      @duggs, we have the same problem. We also brought it back to the shop and the new one has also the exact same problem. Have you already found a solution yet?

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