N99i V9+ – a Knockoff Cell Phone With Some Great Features

This serves as a follow-up to my post “N99i Cell Phone – A Knockoff Nokia Model” where I discussed most of the N99i specifications and features. Specifically, What I got for myself is an N99i v9+ model (sold as Toshibo). A CECT variant of N99i is also available but the stock ran out when I went to the store where I got this unit (N99i V9+) from.

Being a cell phone model made in China, the N99i v9+ packs some great features at very affordable prices. In the Philippines, N99i V9+ sells between PhP4,000-5,000 only.

Some features I like are the great sound quality it produces along with the clear TV and FM radio signals. The sad part about the N99i’s multimedia capability is it’s camera. Photos taken by N99i lacks balance in color and clarity. White balance is high by default and when the image resolution becomes higher, the image quality becomes lower even if you set the image quality to HIGH. The optimal camera resolution if you wish to take pictures with this cell phone is 240X320. I still have to do some tweaks on the N99i model. I will update this post if I have tried it for about a week to fully review the features of N99i.

Here are some photos of the N99i v9+

N99i Photo (back) N99i Photo (front)

N99i Photo (sideview)

For now, I think N99i is sufficient for my needs as a texter and radioholic. By the way, the arrow keys are hard to press.

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  1. jersan duarte says:

    Tengo un nokia n99i que me enviaron de usa a nicaragua, este telefono tengo aproximadamente 1 año de tenerlo inservivle ya que no funciona, me salen las barras de señal pero el telefono dice (no service) nececito saber que hacer para activarlo. gracias por sus comentarios.

  2. Geepee Valmeo says:

    hi!!! i just brought a V9+i china phone and its great imagine all in one (TV, RADIO, MP3) in one cell awesome you can not see it in branded phone like the real nokia

  3. Ricardo says:

    Hi there, I bought a brand new Tintele TV N99i Quad yesterday and would like to share some info with future/current users:

    1. The phone looks amazingly expensive, I mean it. When I saw it first time I almost fainted, and I’m saying “”iphone-like” not other crap.

    2. Software is horrible. Looks like the old phones from 10 years ago, those first color screen ones, I mean it. If you want high quality screen, dont buy it.

    3. It works really well and the touch screen is actually very accurate and responsive, but again, quality wise, it lacks by far.

    4. Cameras…mmmm…I dont even use it, because even a 5 megapixel is crap nowadays, so image this 1.3megapixel…no more to say… but it has 2, front and rear.

    5. The very good thing about it is that it has up to 8gb memory, plays mp4 in full screen and you can use mp3 as ringtones (for messages it cant….big NoNo again)

    6. It is advertised as handwrite recognition…but it DOES NOT RECOGNIZE ANYTHING. Is a simple touch screen phone, nothing else.

    7. The volume is realllllly high, even number 1 is louder then a scream, so you have to use the vibration if you want to be discrete…

    8. TV….mmmm, very low quality, nothing as it is described. It’s pretty much a really bad and old tv quality.

    9. Radio….terrible sound, loses quality and voice goes on and off all the time.

    10. In general, is a phone that looks reaaaaaaly expensive with a 3″ screen but when you look at the screen you can tell is cheap and nasty stuff.
    It does the job: call and send messages. Dont expect to see high quality stuff/icons because the screen is very poor quality.

    PS: Im in NZ and cost NZ 160 (around 80 US)


  4. Athenajoy says:

    How to install games for n99i china phone . Please send me an answer to my email . Thanks a lot..More power!

  5. rafael says:

    Hey I’ve had my n99i for about a year and it works great but i was wondering if there was any kind of themes or games available for this phone to download … thnxx

  6. Dave Jose says:

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  7. arlene says:

    hi…i already own a v9+i tv phone, i would like to know where i could buy accessories for it…

  8. Monty says:


    Thanks for the information.. I’ll buy probably next week once i got back from my vacation..Thanks..

  9. Monty says:


    I would like to know if the Nokia N99i can be synchronize to a laptop or PC? does it have a software that will be store on the laptop or PC for synchronization? Another thing is how’s the quality of the phone?

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