N99i Cell Phone – A Knockoff Nokia Model

My friend introduced me to some of his cell phone distributor-contacts in Laoag City and I was enticed to try some of their made in China products. I am willing to try/test the knockoff Nokia model (N99i) because of the following reasons.

Price. The N99i is cheap selling at Php5,000 (around US$113) or even less.

Features. The N99i has the following specifications:

  • Network:GSM 900/1800/1900
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Dual SIM card, dual standby
  • Comes with a spare lithium battery (optional)
  • Ring tones Type: Polyphonic (64 channels), Monophonic, True Tones, MP3
  • Music player: Support MP3 player with mp3,midi,wav format
  • Movie player: Support 3GP/MP4 movie player with full-screen
  • Camera function: Digital Camera Built-in with video recording capability
  • Memory Type: Support Micro SD expansion slot – up to 2GB
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Built-in hands free operation mode
  • Display: 2.6″ TFT Touch Screen QVGA display with 260k colors, 320 x 240 pixel resolution
  • Vibrate: Yes
  • Internet Browser (GPRS + WAP)
  • Java 2.0
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Messaging: Email, SMS, MMS and EMS supported for both main and sub SIM card, SMS group send, Long text SMS
  • Cell phone Directory: Phone Book Memory supports 400 records
  • Supports Caller Ringing / Caller Video Player
  • Game Supported with built in games
  • Calculator/world time/Unit Conversion/Currency Conversion/Calendar/Games
  • Stand-by time: Up to 150h
  • Talk time: 180min–300min
  • Complete English Interface (Default)

Depending on the seller, the package may also include:

  • Instruction Manual
  • 1 x 256MB Micro SD Memory Card
  • 1 x USB Data Cable
  • Unlocked N99i Dual GSM Tri-Band Cell Phone 2 x Lithium Batteries (1800mAh)
  • 2-in-1 Power Adaptor + External Battery Charger
  • Earphones
  • 1 x Handwriting Stylus
  • Car Charger

Be warned, however, that some N99i units have been reported to experience some problems after a few months of usage. First, some told that when the battery gets drained, they were forced to go back to the seller for servicing of the unit because it won’t power up after charging. Some even said they could not connect to the internet using WAP. Others didn’t like the camera because there is no built-in flash.

However, being curious that I am, I will still get one myself. I think feature-wise, I can live with N99i’s lacking. Price-wise, I think no Nokia model of its class and features will sell at lower than 10K. I told myself, ok let me do some experiments on N99i (also known to many as “iPhone clone”) to give benefit to the doubt. Here in laoag City, many people are friendly and with my reputation as a good buyer, I think that seller will not turn down my request/demand for free service should the unit bug down within 3 months. I intend to use this cell phone in getting the 2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Count/Tally updates.

I will update this post on the N99i when I have obtained the cell phone unit from the store tomorrow. :-)

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  1. Alan Haywood says:

    i have had this Nokia clone for 4 years and it has performed brilliantly…a bit old now, but it’s all I need. Sadly the battery’s have packed up. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement or give me a model no. Thanks…desperate

  2. Mark Osie Cargile says:

    Sorry to be of a problem to you. I need the Data Software download for a China Phone Nokia N99i. If you have a download or if you know of a download for this particular brand of Nokia China Phone, please send it to me.

    Thank you!

    Best Regards,
    Mark Osie Cargile

  3. john says:

    hi im from tacloban… im confused with N99i is there any updates for sure in how to connect to the wap? PM me anyone if you could already know how to connect to the WAP…


  4. zeza says:

    hey can anyone please help me. i have a N99i china brand tv phone and i dont know how to get my internet goin or the tv.

    please help me.thankx.

    email me on zeza_ali@hotmail.com

  5. vorn says:

    is there just the installed theme on the n99i china phones? if not how do you change

  6. tash says:

    music wont transfer to the cellphone can you please help me

  7. Zack says:

    i got a gift from my friend N99i and i did every thing but its not going on line and it look like there is something wrong with my tv connection plzz anyone know anything about this phone plzz help me.my email add. m_zshaikh@hotmail.com

  8. chad says:

    so my n99i stopped working after three months of usage both batteries wont take a charge is there any way i cud get the phone to work again

  9. tracey says:

    how do you change the sms alert? I want to change it to a song but don’t how

  10. leo john says:

    can you pls teach me how to configure my wap? i read how to configure but can’t still get connected. my cell n99i

  11. leo john says:

    i want to change new themes for n99i china phone. can i get downloads themes for my cell?

  12. fran says:

    got this china phone n99i v9+i from a ffriend. it has pasword protect. he can’t remember the pasword either. any suggestion is greatly appreciated. i don’t think the phone is locked it always ask for the pasword…. california, usa.

  13. alex says:

    hi i just bought an n99i tv mobile phone.i love it cuz of wat it can do i guess u to should try it but there’s one problem with my n99i, everytime i plug d usb cable to a computer after few seconds it will beep and on the phone screen will make warning bad contact charger.it will work well with some computers but not all.can everyone tell me wats the problem i’m facing or wat can i do?

  14. Rubi says:

    Hiiiiii I need the phone lock code becuse my uncle send me this phone without it or is there any way to get in without putting the phone lock.. plzzzzzzz tell me

  15. jeff says:

    How do you tell if a Nokia is a knockoff?

  16. Drew says:

    I’ve been trying to transfer a file from my N99i to another phone but I just can’t seem to….can someone please tell me how to?

  17. Abe says:

    Hey Guys. I just got this as a gift from my uncle in Lebanon because he knows I love phones. I put my sim card in it and try to register to TMOBILE USA network but it doesnt seem to find any networks. Any ideas on how to fix this. I believe it is already unlocked because it didnt prompt me WRONG SIM like locked phones normally do.
    I tried to go thru the preferred network list and I didnt see anything that said TMOBILE USA.

    Any help would be great

    Thanks so much

  18. ISH says:

    my problem about n99i is that there is already sim card but it keeps on asking insert sim.. please help.. thanks

  19. Jha says:

    how can I activate the internet with N99i phone?

  20. CHRIS says:


  21. CHRIS says:


  22. pao says:

    pls help for some information to where i can download free anti-virus software for n99i china phone…thankzzzz..

  23. bobbie says:

    Thank you . the only problem is that i ordered the phone off of line and i will have to send it back have it worked on.

  24. bobbie says:

    I guess i didnt explain what happens well enough. i just loss the call my phone dont shut off power wise. Its like it goes on hold or i loss the call i am on and i still have power and signal.

  25. bobbie says:

    I have a n99i and when i am talking on the phone all of a sudden the phone will either turn off or it goes on hold . I dont know what to do to solve this promblem. Maybe i have a setting wrong or something. HLP!!!!!!

  26. Jorge H says:

    I have the N99i and it used to send text messages, (SMS), but I think i messed with the settings and now it won’t send any. It receives messages but doesn’t send any. HELP!

  27. Qui says:


    Does N99i have 3G in it??

  28. MC says:

    I have lost my adapter and cable. I need a new one where in us can I find the cable for n99i? If you don’t know please tell me what is this cable called. It’s not regular b mini with 5 pins. I try to find b mini (6 pins) but there is no cable like that. If there is any distrubutor in US please mail me at yeneremsiz@gmail.com.

    • jessie says:


      The N99i adapter cable is a non-standard cable. You may try looking for a replacement for your N99i adapter and cable from your local cell phone stores (where you got your Nokia N99i).

  29. jacky says:

    i have N99i china phone.. im here in israel, the sim card which i have is orange company but in trying to called them to figure out how to connect to the internet but they dont have any settings of GPRS and MMS.heres my email add astrilxyc@rocketmail.com… pls help meeee..

  30. tina says:

    do you know how to display the synchronized lyrics of a certain music file in this phone..?

  31. Yolaine says:

    I would like to know how to put my music in this phone.


    • jessie says:

      You have to insert the USB cable to your computer and from there, choose to use the Nokia N99i cell phone as a mass storage device. then upload music files from your PC to your phone’s music folder.

  32. denny says:

    hi please i need the code to unlock the keypad of n99i

  33. mikhei says:

    hi! kindly advise po where in Laoag you bought the unit. my dad is staying in Laoag and he’s asking me to buy him a unit like that here in Manila. thanks so much in advance!

  34. Huy Dinh says:

    I just purchased this N99I. When I put my USA Tmobile (1900mhz) SIM card in, all it said ” No service”. I cannot get it to work. Please Help

  35. […] I have actually answered this question but I will provide here a simple procedure in configuring Nokia N99i V9+i, Nokia N95 8GB clone and other China-made cell phones to connect to the internet by enabling WAP […]

  36. Mike Weston says:

    Just got the N99I everything works but I did not receive a operational manual also cannot get on the internet. It talks about a GRSP but have no idea what that is. Do I buy a service for this. I just transferred my Simm card with T mobile but no GRSP internet. Also when i tried to bluetooth songs from computer to cell phone it says disk is full.
    How do I delete disk and cannot find memory card.

    • jessie says:


      The China-made Nokia N99i v9+ Mobile TV Dual Sim phone does have a memory card installed (check with your seller, mine is only 256MB). Go to Menu >> File Manager. From there open the Memory Card and delete files you don’t need like games installers. These installation files don’t work. It’s safe to delete them. you may also delete photo, music and video files pre-installed before you purchased your N99i cell phone. These files only consume so much of the N99i’s memory (disk space)

      jessies last blog post..America Lyrics | Song Lyrics

    • jessie says:


      about the GPRS service, you can enable it in Menu >> Settings >> Network Setup of your N99i cell phone. Check with your network how to setup the internet service because your network provider will send you the necessary access codes to access the internet like WAP settings, username and password.

      • bobbie says:

        Tmobile Setting

        1- Main Menu click on Entertainment then click on Services

        2- Click on Data Account–> click on GPRS

        3- Choose any account–> click on Edit

        4- 1- Account Name
        2- APN
        3- User Name
        leave it blank
        4- password
        leave it blank
        5- Auth. Type



        5-Click on WAP –> click Settings–> click Edit Profile.

        6- Choose any one on list then press ok–>Edit Profile

        1- Rename Profile->(name it anything or u can name it T-mobile GPRS)
        2-Homepage–> http://wap.smart.com.ph
        3-Data Account–>Select–>click on Gprs–> you will see the one we named earlier TMOBILE, select it and press OK
        4- Connection Type
        5- Username
        leave it blank
        6- Password
        leave it blank


        1- Click on thee envelope icon it will take you to Messages

        CLICK ON SMS
        1- Message settings–> click in Profile Setting
        2- Click edit on any profile name it T-mobile that will be line No. 1 in No.2 type +12063130004

        1-Message Settings–>click Server Profile
        2-Click on any 1–> click on Edit Profile

        1- Rename profile
        T-mobile MMS
        2- Homepage
        3-Data Account
        click on GPRS–> choose Tmobile–> press OK
        4- Connection Type
        port: 8080

        5- Username
        leave it blank
        6 Password
        leave it blank



        Edit it–> name No.1 Viocemail
        No.2 +18056377243

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  41. jessie says:

    The N99i lacks many features but I really find it great considering its price.

  42. PhilppinesNewsVote.com says:

    I’m at the edge of my seat! Can’t wait to see how the N99i stacks up to the real Nokias. If these specs are real…I won’t have to buy that 20thou E71