Kube MP3 Player Review and Specs: Small But Simply a Powerful and Cheap MP3 Player

We really are in the 21st Century! I’m 36 but I can’t help but be amazed by the Kube MP3 Player! You want our Kube MP3 Player review? Ok, read on if you have time. The Kube’s fantastic design reeks of pure science fiction fantasy that I could only imagine existing in Hollywood movies. The Kube MP3 player is so tiny, measuring only 1-inch on all its cubic sides and weighs a mere 18 grams. I’m still dumbfounded that this very small portable music player can actually deliver bombastic songs but the manufacturer evidently mastered miniaturization technology in the Kube. The petite chassis of this player contains a USB port, a rechargeable battery, microSD slot and stereo output!

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Kube MP3 Player May be the World's Smallest MP3 Player

The only worry about owning the MP3 player is that your dog may mistake it for chow and swallow the damn thing. This player comes in black and white models but there’s also option to have it pastel hues of pink, green, and yellow. These colorful models are chic but I would still go for a black or white one. The Kube MP3 player is perfect for office and home use. Its small size makes it convenient to carry around and the audio quality is quite good. Don’t expect to have surround audio on this tiny player but I assure you it has stereo output with clear bass tones. For more Kube Mp3 Player specs and features, continue reading the succeeding parts of this article.

You can use the Kube for up to 6 hours of continuous music playback on a single charge using the bundled USB cable. I’m also very impressed that this very small MP3 player can be charged to full battery capacity in 1 hour. The unit will ship with a free 2GB microSD card but it will support up to 32GB-capacity cards. That means you can have as much as 8,000 songs in this tiny cube. Technology is so advanced now that a 1-inch cubic thing could have more music than yesteryears’ biggest FM radio stations!

You can buy the Kube MP3 player from Amazon and Ebay for around $34.99 brand new. The price is so low and affordable that every music lover will certainly want one. If the item goes on sale after a few months, expect the price to go lower.

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