Creative Zii Egg (Zii Plaszma) vs iPod Touch: Which is Better?

This is just a quick post on Creative Zii Egg and iPod Touch comparison. We are a bit confused about the debate regarding the new Android-powered Creative Zii Egg vs iPod Touch media players so we decided to create a poll only users of the two music/video players. Which do you think better?

To help you (and us) decide which  is a better product for consumers (maybe after considering factors like budget, functionality, look-and-feel, etc.), head on to the articles whose links can be found in the  first paragraph of this article. Opinions, rumors, experiences, problems, and review of Zii Egg and/or iPod Touch are all welcome here.

Here are some photos of the two cool media players:

From these photos, the Android-based Creative Zii Egg (powered by ZMS-05 Microchip) and the latest iPod Touch look very much similar (wide LCD Touchscreen and function buttons). The specs and features of the two are totally not since the Creative Zii Egg (Zii Plaszma) now utilizes CellStem Computing technology, apparently a more advanced technology that aims to attract more tech-savvy buyers into purchasing the product (of course!). This technology makes the new  Zii Egg a mini-computer, not just an ordinary MP3 player. Is this new innovation a threat to Apple’s market dominance and overall sales this 2009? We’ll all know when financial reports are released in 2010. For now, let’s start to cast our vote. :-)

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  2. Jonny says:

    oh thanks for that, I thought I had to decide between an ipod touch and a zune HD, but thankfully someone else is offering a similar device like creative zii egg plasma. cant wait for d release date.

  3. Austin says:

    I think it is still some time off, maybe christmas before creatives “Zii” will launched (Not to be confused with the “Zii Egg” (Test Project by the the new 3D Blaster branch “Zii Labs”). Looks like Creative will be competing with the likes of apple and sony with there “X-FI 2″ :( Quite saddening they couldn’t just replace it with the Zii, at least now when the do launch… The android firmware will be well into fruition thanks to Zii Labs and the developers early release “Zii Egg”

    Looks like we will all have to just sit back and wait for a while longer….

  4. 16mb Usb flash drive says:

    I think the Creative Zii Egg might destroy all mp3 players

  5. The 8th Dimension Comic Studio says:

    I think the Creative Zii Egg will dominate the future market.

  6. 4gb says:

    i think the Creative Zii Egg could become a threat for the iPod Touch’ domination

    • dave says:

      I am extremely excited for the Zii egg and to see what it will do! Even if it’s only the developer version I want one. My worry is that in my experience Creative hasn’t done a very good job at marketing their devices, while Apple is genius at it. In fact other than my own ranting about how much I love them, I sadly don’t think I’ve ever seen any form of marketing from them here at all :( (Salt Lake City, UT)

      SO, I think the Zii devices will in reality be much much better/ advanced devices than the Touch, but I doubt that it will show in the financial figures. I mostly say this because it seems like here nobody even knows what Creative is. I love my Zen X-fi, but everyone is constantly asking “what IS that?? (it was the same with my Zen, and Zen-V) People here don’t bother to research that anything else even exists.

      Also the Zii will have all this power, but will anyone even care to write software that utilizes it? I certainly hope so but we will see. I definitely think it has the potential to dominate and hope it succeeds.