Toshiba BDX 2500/BDX 2700 Blu-Ray Players and Sanyo DP55360 HDTV are Vudu-Enabled

People who love on-demand movies should celebrate because starting today both Toshiba and Sanyo are going to start selling TV and Blu-ray player models with built-in Vudu technology. Buying these devices means you can enjoy Vudu’s cutting-edge online video services without the need to buy a separate set-top box. This is a proud achievement for the Vudu team, that even before the first-half of 2010 is over, 6 of 7 manufacturers they partnered-up with last January, have already produced products with embedded Vudu technology. I think this positive development was reinforced by WalMart’s acquisition of Vudu. The hardware manufacturers got emboldened more by the thought their products will probably get priority selling-space at the shops of the world’s largest retailing company.

Sample Photo of SANYO DP55360 55-inch HDTV with Vudu

The DP55360 is the first Sanyo HDTV with Vudu Technology

Toshiba is shipping two Blu-ray players with Vudu already built-in, the BDX 2500 nd the BDX 2700 models. This is a strong follow-up to the late-March  release of Toshiba’s also Vudu-enabled UX 600 LED TV. Expect these two models to be available at the WalMart stores near you. Meanwhile, Sanyo has also finally released a Vudu-enabled TV model to coincide with Toshiba’s Blu-ray player release.

The new mammoth 55-inch Sanyo DP55360 HDTV is also empowered with built-in. Vudu’s streaming technology. Neither Toshiba, Sanyo or Vudu Inc. has confirmed if these 3 new products will also offer the Vudu Apps service or will they only be limited to the movie service.

The Vudu Apps store offers more than 100 different apps for sale, some of these are also media-related like Pandora and New York Times subscription.

Some select WalMart stores have already received their stocks of these 3 new products. If you are curious, please go visit the nearest branch. No word yet if Toshiba and Sanyo will offer their Vudu-powered players and TV models via online retailers like Amazon or

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