Lenovo IdeaPad Y560D is Lenovo’s First 3D Laptop: Specs, Price and Features Revealed

Lenovo IdeaPad Y560D 3D Laptop is already available to US customers starting in June 2010 via Lenovo’s US webshop and was expected to sell for less than $1,200. Alas! The final starting price was set higher, i.e., US$1500. Lenovo finally released their first 3D laptop in the market after being slow to follow the lead of Acer and Asus which have already released 3D notebooks since last year. Didn’t they watch James Cameron’s Avatar in 2009? 3D is the new fad in technology, and if experts are to be believed, consumers will spend big money for 3D-compatible gadgets! For our Lenovo IdeaPad Y560D 3D laptop review on price: expensive! It’s true Lenovo is offering a breath of fresh air in the market but with the steep Lenovo IdeaPad Y560D price, we sincerely doubt if the many of the budget-conscious buyers would want this gadget.

First Lenovo IdeaPad Y560D 3D Laptop Photo

Lenovo's first-ever laptop with 3D-technology, the IdeaPad Y560D

Here are some Lenovo IdeaPad Y560D 3D Laptop specs plus other features for your info: It features the TriDef 3D technology solution that works using a 3D display screen, special glasses, and customized software. The 15.6-inch LCD screen promises to deliver a better 3D entertainment experience than the Acer’s first 5738DG 3D laptop. Lenovo’s product is coming out with top-tier hardware components. It will support up to an Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost Technology which can deliver extra gigahertz bonus speed. 3D games and movies require a lot of processing muscle so Lenovo also added a discreet 1 GB ATI Radeon HD5730 graphics card. Aside from this, it’s also upgradeable to 8 GB of RAM. With that much computing power, the IdeaPad Y560D will be capable enough to render HD 3D movies and games without any stuttering.

To boost this laptop’s speed further, Lenovo is using RapidDrive technology-enabled hard drives for it. The hard drive is a hybrid disk that combines traditional hard disk and solid-state disk drives. Based on their tests, the RapidTechology hard drive allowed Windows 7 to boot up faster by 66%. Applications including games will run faster because of it. Lenovo IdeaPad Y560D will support up to 750 GB of hybrid SSD/HDD hard disk. File copying will also benefit from this special hard drive technology.

Lenovo also revamped their design for the IdeaPad. See the picture, notice that it almost looks like what you’d expect from Dell AlienWare. The sleek black casing is highlighted by a pretty tribal design that should appeal to more aesthetics-conscious buyers.

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