Lenovo G410 Series | Lenovo G410 Notebook/Laptop Specifications and Photos

This is a follow-up to my previous article “Lenovo G410 Notebook/Laptop Computer: Full Specifications and Features“. This time, however, I have included some of the photos of the different parts of Lenovo G410 notebook/laptop. As stated in that post, the Lenovo G410 Notebook packs some great features at very affordable prices compared to other laptop/notebook computers in its class. The Lenovo G410 specifications are great, actually. After playing with it for almost four days now, I have not encountered any serious problem (as of this writing) even if other people have expressed their problems with the Lenovo G410 notebook/laptop in forums.

Ok, here are some of the photos of the Lenovo G410. I used a Sony Cybershot DSC600 without flash 9using only natural lighting. I hope they are clear enough for you to appreciate. Click on any of the pictures of the Lenovo G410 notebook plus accessories to enlarge.

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  1. khaye casalla says:

    ei gud day!i want pink sana na notebook laptop, can u help me po gud specs and brand but less expense po where in it can upgrade din naman po to more higher specs soon hehe, possible po ba?? thanks and god bless po! please reply on my e-mail add please. can u tell me na din po assuming price to your suggested specs po. thanks po ng marami. godbless and more power!

  2. […] we alternately use it) that after several hours of usage, it accumulates far more heat than our Lenovo G410 laptop (an older model). The Acer TravelMate 6292 could be prone to overheating, we […]

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  4. rid says:

    how long does the battery last for normal use like typing…

    • jessie says:

      The Lenovo G410 battery lasts between 2.5-3 hours for normal use. You may still need an AC when you travel so don’t forget the adapter and cables.

  5. rid says:


    i’m about to buy G410 too,
    is it really great?
    no problem at all?

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  7. jessie says:


    Nope, the Lenovo G410 runs games like World of Warcraft and Command and Conquer smoothly. I also use the Lenovo to edit photos using Photoshop and it still manages memory well. That’s the power of of Dual Core CPUs. :-)

  8. ian says:

    kuya…help nmn po…ill buy po kc laptop…kaso nalilito ako… ok ba ung lenovo? G410?

    pingpipilian ko po kc kung lenovo or HP compaq ang bibilhin ko.. need help po..pede po reply k s email add ko>?
    many thanks :)

    • jessie says:


      Thanks for your comment. In my opinion, Lenovo G410 is a great product. Masyadong mahal ang Compaq laptops halos ganun din naman ang specs. Sa Lenovo, wala nga lang bluetooth pero mura na ang mga bluetooth dongle ngayon (between Php250-350 na lang depende sa brand). If I were to give you an advice, go for the Lenovo. Maganda ang test results ko sa laptop na yan and impressive ang overall features. Mabilis pa sa games.

  9. […] with Windows Vista. Mine was installed with Windows Vista Ultimate. I installed Ubuntu Linux in my Lenovo G410 laptop as the second operating system and it worked well. The wi-fi in Linux Ubuntu worked properly, […]

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  11. Twinks,

    Of course, I know how to choose my toys well. Hehehe! The Lenovo G410 laptop/notebook is truly fast at 1.86Ghz Dual Core Intel Pentium processor.

    About sa comment box mo, wala na talagang di ako makapost ng comment.

  12. twinks says:

    musta na ang iyong bagong toy? hehehe
    eto talaga painggit naman..hehehe
    sinabi ko kay Mk about sa new toy mo..
    sabi niya yan daw type nya bilhin..he loves IBM kasi eh..

    oi about dun sa pag comment baka katulad ikaw kay Joy, di din sya makacomment, yong third party cookie nya pala naka disable daw..check mo daw kuya..

    ingat po :]

    twinkss last blog post..That Pen is Mine!