HP Business 12.1” Tablet Review: HP KS009UT#ABA Tablet Review

HP Business 12.1” Tablet Review: Our previous posts deal with HP Business 12.1-Inch Tablet 2710p or simply HP Business 12.1” Tablet. This HP Business Tablet (code: KS009UT#ABA) is powered by a Core 2 Duo, 1.8Ghz processor, with 2GB RAM and has a HDD capacity of 120GB. This good-looking 12.1” tablet has a clear LCD screen and sold pre-installed with Windows XP. Overall, our review of HP Business 12.1-Inch Tablet 2710p is positive, except for some minor complaints. Read on if you wish to know more.

However, the overall HP Business 12.1” Tablet review we have here is purely based on the HP Business 12.1-Inch Tablet 2710p specs and admittedly, its good features. Price, on one hand, is a bit high (1 HP Business Tablet KS009UT#ABA, new  condition, costs around 700  dollars). Maybe  some of you will  say we’re complaining. Partly, yes. The fact that this business tablet is manufactured by one of the world’s leading electronics companies makes it a bit expensive. But for those who are  really saving some money for “the rainy season”, this  price makes us want to stay away from branded gadgets (sometimes).

HP Business Tablet KS009UT#ABA Core 2 Duo Tablet PCHowever, if you  are too conscious about the quality of  electronic devices you purchase, we cannot recommend any similar product other than HP Business 12.1” Tablet. Reviews by other customers who  have acquired this item are good. The only apprehension we have about this 12.1-inch tablet is the seemingly weak casing and fragile LCD screen. If you decide to buy this,  get a screen protector to further protect the thin  LCD screen.

Also, if you think it’s not practical to buy an HP Business 12.1” Tablet because of your lifestyle (you may be outgoing and a frequent  traveler) and has the same apprehension as ours (that the HP tablet will be  damaged easily), then better get a cute HP Mini 2140 Netbook (review found via the link) or Acer Aspire One D150 Netbook, an equally good notebook but is far cheaper (tag price of refurbished unit is $260 only + shipping fee) than the 12-inch HP Tablet reviewed here.

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